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Welcome to the DCAM Fleet Management Calculator




>>Please refuel a rental vehicle prior to its return. It enhances vehicle readiness for the next customer - next time it might be you!<<



There are two ways to utilize the Calculator:

1. To estimate the cost of travel either for:

  • general trip planning, or;
  • mileage reimbursement.


... just go to: (no login and password are necessary)

2. To reserve Fleet Management vehicle online.

  • Read Instructions,
  • Set up an account by clicking First Time User,
    • Enter name and business email
    • Select agency and division name, provide state employee number
    • Create user name and password
    • Activation code is emailed, enter it within 24h
    • Account is pending admin approval
  • Log in on the left-top corner of this page after receiving account approval email from admin.

!!! Important Rules for account set up: !!!

  • Check with your agency travel/fleet administrator, if you are authorized to make reservations on your own
    Note: Fleet Management validates all users prior approval; additionally, individual user accounts set-up requests are denied for the following agencies that manage rental requests through their central office: 090-OMES (Facilities), 265-SDE, 340-OSDH, 350-OHS, 807-OHCA
  • Have your 6-digit state employee ID ready
  • Registering with the Calculator implies compliance with the Driver Responsibility Certification (both by a driver and an agency fleet / travel administrator)
  • User accounts set-up and reservation requests are processed only 7:30-4:30, during business days (M-F, excluding state holidays).
  • In order to make a reservation authorized user needs to have
    • driver's name
    • driver's 6-digit state employee ID
    • driver's cell phone number 

Note: To report system issues or suggestions:

  • Fleet Management Calculator service may be at times temporarily unavailable. If you experience difficulties, please try again in a few minutes.
  • If the problem persists or you would like to submit suggestions, please email Fleet Management at (
  • If the system indicates you are a returning user (system recognizes your email) and you are having a difficulty logging in, or retrieving your ID or resetting user password, please contact OMES HelpDesk at 405-521-2444 or

Forgot Your Login, Click Here First Time User, Click Here Forgot Your Password, Click Here

First Time Users: All individuals must click the red 'First Time User' button above and follow all onscreen prompts. To ACTIVATE your account, please check your email when prompted at the end of the registration process to retrieve the ACTIVATION NUMBER. You will then be able to use the 'Login' and 'Password' fields in the left navigation area of this site.

Returning Users: If you have already proceeded through the 'First Time User' process as described above, please login using the 'Login' and 'Password' fields in the left navigation area of this site.