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The District Attorneys Council shall have the power to perform such functions as in its opinion shall strengthen the Criminal Justice system in Oklahoma, to provide a professional organization for the education, training, and coordination of technical efforts of all state prosecutors and to maintain and improve prosecutor efficiency and effectiveness in enforcing the laws of this state. 


Executive Division 

  • Presents issues that are important to the District Attorney system to the Governor, Legislature, and other policy makers.
  • Coordinates continuing legal education for attorneys within the District Attorneys system, as well as training for District Attorney Investigators, Victim Witness Coordinators and other support staff.
  • Serves as the liaison between District Attorney Child Support Enforcement offices and the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.
  • Serves as the liaison to District Attorney offices with multi-jurisdictional task forces.
  • Provides legal research services to the District Attorney offices.

Federal Grants Division

The District Attorneys Council advocates and upholds good stewardship of the awarded federal funds. In administering the federal grant programs, the Federal Grants Division is responsible for the following: 

  • Preparing the applications for the federal grant funds
  • Ensuring coordination between the federal funding sources and the subgrantees
  • Providing staff support to the six oversight Boards and Task Forces
  • Developing and distributing the grant application notices and the grant application forms
  • Receiving and coordinating the distribution of the grant applications to the various Boards for review  
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the Boards regarding the funding for submitted grant applications 
  • Receiving funds from the federal granting agency and disbursing funds to the subgrantees throughout the grant cycles
  • Evaluating and monitoring compliance of subgrantees in meeting state and federal requirements 
  • Providing guidance and technical assistance to subgrantees
  • Collecting statistical data from the subgrantees to assess program effectiveness and providing information to the federal granting agency
  • Preparing and submitting the required progress, financial, and evaluation reports to the federal granting agency
  • Monitoring subgrantees to ensure fiscal accountability and programmatic integrity

Each grant program is assigned a Program Monitor. It is the responsibility of the assigned Program Monitor to assist the subgrantees in implementing approved projects within a framework of relevant state and federal statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines to achieve maximum success.

Victim Services

  • Administration of the Crime Victims Compensation Fund - Processing claims received from victims, making administrative decisions on applications currently allowed under law for certain types of claims, and providing support functions for the Victims Compensation Board fall among the general duties in this area.
  • Administration of the Sexual Assault Examination Fund - Processing claims for sexual assault examinations in the state from hospitals and sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs.
  • Administration of VOCA grants - Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grants are administered and monitored by this division. Administration includes processing of grant applications, monitoring of subrecipients, and support functions for the VOCA grant Board.
  • Support of Victims Services - The Victims Services Division helps plan statewide training for Victim Witness Coordinators within district attorney offices. The division also maintains close contact with victims¿ groups around the state to solicit ideas on how better to serve victims, elicit concerns of victims about the criminal justice system, and advise victims about proposed reforms and changes.
  • Public Relations - The Victims Services Division is responsible for enhancing public awareness of the Crime Victims Compensation Program. Public service announcements, billboards, pamphlets, and public speaking engagements are part of the public awareness campaign.
  • Restitution/Subrogation Recovery - The Crime Victims Compensation Board has the legal right to seek judgment against the offender in order to recover funds paid on behalf of a crime victim. The Victims Services Division is responsible for the recovery of restitution owed to the Crime Victims Compensation Board. The staff actively seeks restitution from criminals and tracks the progress of the restitution recovery program.

Information Technology

The Information Technology division of the District Attorneys Council provides information to improve information technology services through efficient and effective execution of technological research, acquisition, and testing while providing leading-edge customer services to the District Attorneys Council and the District Attorneys System. Our customers include the District Attorneys Council, District Attorneys of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Finance Division

  • Payroll for all personnel of the District Attorney's system.
  • Employee Benefits
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Establish and monitor annual Budget Work Program through the Office of State Finance.
  • Purchasing
  • Reconciling accounts with the State Treasurer's Office and State Finance.
  • Provide monthly ledgers to 27 districts, accounting for funds held at the District Attorneys Council.  
  • Monitor Child Support contracts for compliance; request funds; prepare reconciliations.
  • Prepare and submit annual Budget Request to the Office of State Finance.
  • Prepare and submit a bi-annual Strategic Plan to the Office of State Finance.

Child Support Liaison 

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is the state administering agency for Oklahoma's Child Support Enforcement Program. Fourteen District Attorneys contract with DHS to provide child support enforcement services.  The District Attorneys Council assists in the administration of these cooperative agreements. Moreover, DAC's General Counsel serves as a liaison between district attorney child support enforcement offices and the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program

The Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) position is funded through a grant from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. This position is designed to improve the ability of state's prosecutors to effectively prosecute traffic safety violations, particularly focusing on vehicular homicide, driving under the influence (alcohol and controlled dangerous substances), and vehicle crashes involving personal injuries.

Domestic Resource Prosecutor 

The position of Domestic Resource Prosecutor (DVRP) is funded through a grant from the United States Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), Currently, there are ten DVRP's throughout the United States. The purpose of the DVRP is to increase the capacity of prosecutors across the State of Oklahoma to more effectively prosecute domestic violence cases.

Capital Litigation and Homicide Resource Prosecutor

The Capital Litigation and Homicide Resource Prosecutor (CLHRP) is funded through a grant from the United States Department of Justice, Justice Assistance Grant (JAG). Currently there is only one other such prosecutor in the country. The purpose of the CLHRP is to provide technical and trial assistance to the 75 rural counties in Oklahoma in homicide and capital trials. The CLHRP is also responsible for providing all Oklahoma prosecutors with educational training in respect to homicide and capital trial issues.