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Carbon Sequestration Certification Program

VerificationMan kneeling in grass looking at pasture stick

Verification is the process of determining if a practice or project is sequestering the amount of carbon dioxide that is claimed or expected to occur as a result of a particular activity. Verification is conducted by third party state approved verifiers -- not the offset provider, aggregator, or buyer. 

The Conservation Commission offers fee-based verification of Oklahoma agriculture and forestry offsets to state approved aggregators participating in the carbon program. Verification is also available to oil and gas operators conducting geologic sequestration of anthropogenic carbon dioxide. 

Agriculture and forestry offsets are typically under contract, which means the land or forest must be managed according to a plan to sequester carbon at an expected rate. For companies conducting geologic sequestration, verification includes assuring the project meets the requirements of EPA's Underground Injection Control Program and any additional requirements of the carbon program.

Verification of carbon offsets typically occurs in two phases:

  • Field verification
    • A verifier visits and visually assesses the offset or project site and takes pictures as necessary. We are currently developing a protocol to collect soil samples from a portion of fields within a project area.

  • Document verification
    • Agriculture & Forestry - Land management records are reviewed to determine whether the practice is being conducted in the manner necessary to sequester the expected amount of carbon. Records are also reviewed to determine if they support what was seen during field verification. 
    • Geologic - Project-related documents are reviewed to determine if they substantiate the amount of carbon dioxide that an applicant claims to have sequestered. Includes mass balance calculation of injected CO2 and CO2 recovered with oil.

For more information on Oklahoma Carbon Program carbon offset verification or protocol development, call 405-522-4739.

Visit the Oklahoma Carbon Offset Registry for information on carbon offsets registered with the State of Oklahoma. (Coming soon)

Last Modified on 01/21/2011