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Carbon Sequestration Certification Program

Oklahoma Carbon Offset Registry

The Oklahoma Conservation Commission is developing a carbon offset registry, which is a public online website where information on Oklahoma carbon offsets will be published. Registries provide vital transparency and credibility to offsets and help instill buyers with confidence in the offsets they purchase. 

Potential buyers look at registries to determine information such as: Oklahoma Conservation Commission logo

  • What type of offset is it?
  • Where is the offset located? 
  • Who verified the offset? 
  • How was the offset verified?
  • What standard was used to verify the offset?  
  • Was the offset already sold to someone else?
  • Does the offset represent a real reduction in CO2?
  • Did the offset create environmental co-benefits or harm?

Making the answers to these questions available to buyers contributes to the credibility and value of offsets whether they are traded on- or off-market. 

Two categories of offsets will be published to the Oklahoma Carbon Offset Registry: 

  • Carbon offsets verified by the carbon program
    Oklahoma carbon offsets verified and certified by the Oklahoma Carbon Program will be published to the Registry free of charge. A certificate of verification bearing the stamp of the Oklahoma Conservation Commission will be issued for these offsets.

  • Carbon offsets NOT verified by the carbon program
    Persons signatory to a contract for, or owning an interest in, an Oklahoma carbon offset, allowance, credit or sequestration project that was not verified by the Oklahoma Carbon Program may apply to have offset information reviewed and published to the Registry. Offsets not verified by the carbon program will be clearly labeled and distinguishable on the Registry from those verified and certified by the carbon program. Applications to register offsets will be available on this website soon. The application fee is $50.

View the Oklahoma Carbon Offset Registry

Last Modified on 10/16/2009