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Water Quality Division

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Love Your Stream?

Then, Love Your Riparian Zone!

Leave your stream in a wild state! The riparian zone is the area along a stream or lake where grasses, trees, and shrubs grow along the banks. A riparian area left intact is one of the best ways a waterbody can be protected. The natural growth along the stream will:

  • Add shade to keep water cool, which is better for stream life.
  • Provide roots to keep soil in place and stabilize banks.
  • Filter pollutants from water.
  • Offer wildlife habitat and corridors for movement.
Healthy, wild vegetation along Lynch Creek

In urban areas, riparian zones are frequently cleared to make more land available for development or to create a "manicured" look. In rural areas, farming activities may be taking place right to the creek's bank. Help your neighbors to understand the value of riparian areas, and give your creek the chance to be a high quality waterbody.

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