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(Full-time Peace Officer certified in another state

seeking full-time Oklahoma Peace Officer certification)

390:10-1-6. Certification by reciprocity

Any officer seeking Oklahoma Peace Officer Certification, who has been certified by a state peace officer standards and training agency as a peace officer in another state, or any officer who has been certified as a federal peace officer by a Council recognized federal law enforcement agency, may obtain certification by reciprocity, under the following conditions:

(1)    The officer must meet the minimum peace officer employment standards set forth by law, military service is generally not recognized as federal law enforcement employment.

(2)    The officer must have been employed as a full time peace officer for at least three (3) months within the two (2) year period immediately preceding the request for Oklahoma certification.

(3)    The officer must attend the legal block and training as specified by CLEET.

(4)    The officer must successfully pass a certification examination

(5)    Officers may have one retest for the certification examination. Any retest would follow the guidelines listed in OAC 390:15-1-13.

(6)    The director or the director's designee may, in the exercise of discretion, award a certificate to any person who has been duly certified under the laws of another state if, in the opinion of the director, the education, training and experience of that officer equal or exceed the qualifications required to complete satisfactorily the basic course of instruction required for Oklahoma certification. In any event, each officer must attend the legal refresher block of instruction as specified by CLEET.



Basic Refresher Class Information


  • Now held online - "work at your own pace" atmosphere
  • Link sent via e-mailed the first Monday of each month
  • Certification exam is scheduled for two weeks from the first Monday of each month
  • Certification exam is held at the CLEET facility located in Ada, Oklahoma


Documentation Required for Verification


ALL documentation from out-of-state agencies/entities MUST be sent to DIRECTLY from the original agency/entity providing the information.  This may be sent via e-mail or regular mail.


  • Proof of employment - This may be:
    • a letter on agency letter head stating the start and end date as a full-time, commissioned peace officer; or
    • it may be a training record (such as CLEET’s) that shows your training history and possibly your employment history
  • A copy of your basic certification certificate or
  • A training record (such as CLEET’s) that shows your training history and possibly your employment history.
  • The curriculum subject/hour breakdown of your basic academy


NOTE: By Council rule, persons certified by other state POST’s or federal agencies, who have service breaks in excess of two (2) years, immediately prior to their application, ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for certification by reciprocity.






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November 02, 2020 November 16, 2020


December 07, 2020 December 21, 2020



For more information via e-mail, contact
Cindy Donnelly


Last Updated September 16, 2020



Reciprocity Application




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