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CLEET's authority to license Private Investigators and Investigative Agencies is given by Title 59 O.S. 1750.1 et seq.


4. "Private investigator" means a person who is self-employed, or contracts with, or is employed by an investigative agency for the purpose of conducting a private investigation and reporting the results to the employer or client of the employer relating to:

a. potential or pending litigation, civil, or criminal,

b. divorce or other domestic investigations,

c. missing persons or missing property, or

d. other lawful investigations, but shall not include:

(1) a person authorized or employed by the United States Government, any state government, or any agency, department, or political subdivision thereof while engaged in the performance of official duties,

(2) a person or employee of a firm, corporation or other legal entity engaged exclusively in a profession licensed by any board, commission, department or court of this state, or

(3) a bona fide, salaried, full-time employee of a firm, corporation or other legal entity not in the primary business of soliciting and providing private investigations, who conducts investigations that are exclusive to and incidental to the primary business of said firm, corporation or entity, and when the costs of such investigations are not charged directly back to the particular client or customer who directly benefits from the investigation;

5. "Armed private investigator" means a private investigator authorized to carry a firearm;


9. "Investigative agency" means a self-employed private investigator, a firm, a corporation, or other private legal entity in the business of soliciting the business of private investigation and/or providing private investigations and investigators;"

Last updated/reviewed September 22, 2008


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Rules governing Private Investigators and Investigative Agencies