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LSU eLearning

CLEET has formed a partnership with the NCBRT, Louisiana State University and The Department of Homeland Security, to bring eLearning to peace officers in Oklahoma.  The courses provided are recognized by CLEET as continuing education and may be used a part of the mandated yearly training requirement to maintain peace officer certification.    

1. Please follow the link to the registration page located here: https://elearnreg.ncbrt.lsu.edu/.  

2. After filling out the registration form and clicking submit, your registration will be reviewed and approved by an eLearning staff member. After being approved you should receive an email within 24 hours containing your login information.

3. To login to your account go to the following link:
http://newelearn.ncbrt.lsu.edu  and enter your e-mail and password.

4. After logging in click on “My Courses” which will take you to the course list. You will have been automatically enrolled in all of the courses NCBRT’s eLearning offers.

5. To begin a course, click on the small red plus sign next to the title of the course you are interested in. A drop down menu will appear displaying the pretest and course module(s) that you will need to complete.

6. To leave the course at any time and save your progress please click “Exit Classroom” at the top right.

7. After completion of the pretest and course module(s) a post test should appear on the drop down menu. After passing the post test (80% or better) the certificate icon will illuminate. The certificate icon is located in the same row as the post test. There is a picture legend at the bottom of the “My Courses” page for your convenience.  

8. To print your certificate, click on the certificate icon and it will open as a PDF in a separate window allowing you to print and save your certificate.

The benefits of eLearning include:
• Flexibility
• Quality and convenience
• Ability to study @ your own pace
• Earn CLEET continuing education credit
• Print certificates online
• Department of Homeland Security certified courses

If you have any problems, you may contact NCBRT @:
Email:   elearn@ncbrt.lsu.edu
Phone:  1-866-221-1083 (toll free)  

Current classes available: (click on any of the following links to view a description of the course)

AWR-230-W: A Coordinated Response to Food Emergencies
AWR-304-W Shopping Center Security Terrorism Awareness Training Program

For more information, visit http://www.ncbrt.lsu.edu


Last updated/reviewed November 18, 2015


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