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Notice of Consideration for Application for a New Certificate of Authority

In Haskell County by SCA Title, LLC dba Haskell County Abstract & Title


To:  All Interested Persons


SCA Title, LLC dba Haskell County Abstract & Title by and through its owners, has filed an Application for Certificate of Authority in Haskell County, Oklahoma on August 26, 2021, with the Oklahoma Abstractors Board.  Pursuant to the Permanent Rules of the Oklahoma Abstractors Board, (a full copy of which can be seen on this website under “Statutes and Laws”), we are officially notifying you of this application.


Pursuant to the Oklahoma Abstractors Boards’ Permanent Rules 5:11-9-1(b)(2)…


(b)(2)  post notice of the receipt of the application for a New Certificate of Authority on the official website of the Board and provide an address where written information relative to the application can be sent.


And 5:11-9-1(c)


(c)  Comment period.  Any person desiring to provide information pertaining to the application shall submit the information in writing to the Board within twenty (20) days of the notice provided for in subsection (b) of this section.  Additional information may be received upon approval of the Board or the Chairman.  Comments shall include specific facts and specific legal authority, if known, supporting the request for approval or disapproval of the application.


Any comment or information may be sent to the following address by September 30, 2021, by facsimile at (405) 522-5503 or e-mail at or U.S. Postal mail addressed to:


Oklahoma Abstractors Board

421 NW 13th Street, Suite 180

Oklahoma City, OK  73103


Unless otherwise posted, the Application will be presented to the OAB at its Regular Meeting on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, which will be held at 421 NW 13th Street, in the OLERS Conference Room, Oklahoma City, OK.  The meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m. DATE FOR PRESENTATION TO THE BOARD HAS BEEN CHANGED TO NOVEMBER 16, 2021 UNLESS OTHERWISE POSTED.


Posted this 27th day of August, 2021.


Notice of Consideration for Application for a New Certificate of Authority

In Haskell County by SCA Title, LLC dba Haskell County Abstract & Title





(Disaster Rates)



(Research Fees)


(Simplification of Land Titles Act)


(Final Title Report)


(multi-tract language for Time Based Rate Sheets)




Oklahoma Abstractors Board Felony Conviction Policy Pertaining to Licensing of Individuals



Public Notice pursuant to 74 O.S. § 3106.4


Social Networking and Social Media Policy 


Notice of Change of Expiration Dates for 
Certificates of Authority, Permits, and Abstract Licenses


Licensing and Testing Policy

This is a new policy effective April 7, 2011, and addresses how and where tests for the abstractor licensees will be administered.


Policy to Establish Fines for Late Filings

*** EFFECTIVE JANUARY 8, 2011, the Board revised the late filing policy concerning individual abstractor licensees to give the abstractor the choice of either retaking the test as originally set out in the policy or paying a fine and extending the expiration date for one month if the application is received after the 30 day requirement but before the license actually expires.  Please click the link above and read the actual verbiage.  If you have any questions, please call our office.

The OAB has been an agency for four years now and we have made a lot of progress - getting our files up to date; making sure everyone’s files are complete and all certificate holders are in compliance.  There has been some misunderstandings along the way concerning how things are done now as compared to how they were done by the previous regulator.  Up until now, we have tried to be lenient concerning deadlines and getting information to us on time.  However, we now feel that everyone has had a chance to review the statute and our rules and that you should now be aware of all pertinent timelines, particularly in submitting your renewal applications.

Please understand that in most instances it takes the full 90 days after receiving your renewal application to verify the information and work with you on your rate sheet so that it will be approved by the Board when the renewal application package is presented to them.  The rate sheets must first be approved by the Enforcement Committee before the Board meeting at which your renewal is presented for approval.  This must be accomplished, depending on when your certificate expires, at the Board meeting before that expiration date.  It is very important to make sure those renewal applications are in our office no later than the ninety day due date set by the statute.

Unfortunately, there have been some who continue to send in their renewals as close as four or five days before the Board meeting in the month they expire and expect to be able to have their application renewed.  Because calls and reminders have not worked, I have asked the Board for a policy to fine certificate and permit holders who refuse to pay attention.  The statute states:

“§1-25. Oklahoma Abstractors Board — Additional Powers and Duties….. the Oklahoma Abstractors Board shall have the following powers and duties:
8. To prescribe and impose such administrative penalties and fines as deemed proper to be assessed against licensees and certificate holders for the failure to pay the renewal fees or for the violation or noncompliance with any provision of the Oklahoma Abstractors Act or rule or order of the Oklahoma Abstractors Board;..."

If you have any questions about figuring out the date paperwork should be in our office, please call and we will help you.  The application must be complete when it is sent to our office, including all the required attachments.  Otherwise it will be returned to you.

Permit holders fall under a different set of circumstances.  Their applications must only be in 30 days in advance so instead of a graduating fine, the fine will be 25% of the application fee and if there is not enough time to process the paperwork, it may not be renewed until the following Board meeting.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Last Modified on 10/06/2021