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Welcome to the Oklahoma Abstractors Board!

The Oklahoma State Legislature adopted the Oklahoma Abstractor’s Law (Title 1) January 1, 2008, which directs the Oklahoma Abstractors Board to regulate Oklahoma’s abstract industry.

The office of the Oklahoma Abstractors Board (OAB) employs an Administrator and Administrative Assistant to staff the Board office. The Board issues Certificates of Authority, individual abstractor licenses as well as Permits to Develop Abstract Plants. In addition, the Board offers testing monthly to individuals seeking their abstract licenses.

The OAB also investigates consumer and industry complaints concerning abstracting issues and attempts to resolve them by using informal resolution methods.


OAB Objectives
OAB Logo


  • Encourage and require high standards of abstract plant development and maintenance.
  • Encourage and require high standards and ethical practices, customer service and professional knowledge of licensees.
  • Provide quality service in issuance and renewal of Individual Abstractor Licenses, Permits and Certificates of Authority.
  • Assist consumers in resolving issues with abstract companies; safeguard the public interest; uphold State Statutes and Administrative Rules regarding Abstractors.


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Last Modified on 01/18/2023
Special Announcements

  • REVISED RATE SHEETS BEGINNING JULY 1, 2015 The Board has revised both the Time and Page based rate sheets. These new forms MUST be used after July 1, 2015. They may accessed on our "Forms" page.

  • The OAB is now offering a new category under "Employment" on this website. Abstract companies can notify the Executive Director if they have a job opening and we will publish this on our website at no charge. If a licensee is looking for a position with an abstract company, they should also notify us and we will put their contact information on the website. Please call our office for more information on this service.

  • *Tests for Abstractor's Licenses will all be located at the Testing Center at the Will Rogers Building at 2401 N Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK. We give the test every other month on the 3rd Thursday of the month. For 2023 the dates are: Jan 19th, March 16th, May 18th, July 20th, Sep 21st and Nov 16th. To sign up you will need to fill out form 4 and mail it to our office with a check for $150. Call or email our office if you need more information.

  • *Coming soon, HB1032 requires all state agencies to offer online licensing. Online licensing will be in effect someday, but at this time we don't know when! A link wil be put on the front page as soon as it is available.


    From October 1, 2021 to September 31, 2022 we received 901 applications for licensing. Of those, 892 were approved, 104 were new, 9 have not yet passed the test, and 0 were denied because of criminal history or any other reason. Of the new licensees the following is a list of criminal offenses reported by individuals who were granted a license: Assault and battery (Misdemeanor) Careless Driving (Misdemeanor) Personal INJ Accident while DUI (Misdemeanor) Protective Order Violation (Misdemeanor) Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor) Using an electronic device to make an obscene communication in violation of 21 OS (Misdemeanor)