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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are PayCards?
    Paycards are a dependable, fast easy way to get your money each payday morning. You don't have to wait in any lines or show any kind of ID. You can get money from ATM's or you can just start using your paycard to make purchases.

  2. Do I have to apply for the PayCard?
    No, all you have to do is work here and select to receive your pay on the PayCard.

  3. How long does it take to get a PayCard?
    If you select the PayCard, your personal Visa PayCard will be created and delivered to you.

  4. Do I get a PayCard every payday?
    No, your same PayCard is recharged each payday with your new pay amount.

  5. What if I don't spend all the money that was put on my PayCard?
    It carries forward and is added to your next pay deposit.

  6. How do I know how much money was put on my PayCard account?
    On payday morning, call the 888 number on the back of the PayCard and select the option to hear your deposit. Also, if you had some money left in your account, you can hear your new balance.

  7. How do I know how much money I have anytime?
    You can call 888-913-0900 anytime, 24/7 and it will give you your current balance.

  8. Is the automated balance always correct, can there be outstanding amounts?
    The balance will normally always be correct. However, recognize that for "off line signature" purchases, there is the possibility that the transaction may not be deducted for up to three days. The balance will not be correct until this transaction is posted.

  9. What is an "off line signature" purchase?
    It is a purchase where the merchant does not use an on line connection to process the sales transaction. It can be a paper transaction or a batched transaction that will be transmitted at a later time. You cannot always tell if the non-PIN transaction is on line or off line.

  10. Do I have to pay to get a PayCard?
    No, it is a free benefit for working here.

  11. Is there a monthly fee for the PayCard?

  12. Are there any fees with the PayCard?
    There are transaction fees. A complete list of all fees is included in the welcome kit you receive when you sign up.

  13. What is a transfer to a personal bank account?
    You can register a personal or joint checking account and then move money from your PayCard to that bank account via the phone. Complete instructions are in the welcome kit.

  14. Are there surcharges with PayCard ATM withdrawals?
    Surcharges are fees charged by the ATM owner. If the ATM will charge a surcharge for your withdrawal, you will be notified on the ATM screen and asked to approve the surcharge. You may approve or you may cancel the transaction if you do not elect to pay the fee. Look for surcharge free ATMs to avoid this extra fee. Surcharge free ATM locations are offered on line at moneynetwork.com. Select "Employees", then "ATM Location" and enter zip code.

  15. I don't want to pay any fees, what can I do?
    You can withdraw your money using a free Transcheck each payday. Remember to compare the PayCard fees to check cashing or bank account fees.

  16. What is a Transcheck?
    It is a check drawn against your PayCard balance. It reduces your balance when you issue the Transcheck. The check can be used to pay a bill; it can be deposited to your personal bank account or cashed. Transchecks are included in your welcome kit.

  17. How do I get additional Transchecks?
    Call the customer service number 888-913-0900 and request additional Transchecks. They will be mailed to you for free.

  18. Do I get any instructions about how to use the PayCard?
    Yes, you get a welcome kit when you enroll and it has step-by-step details about how you can use the card. It also gives you the phone numbers to call for customer support, if you ever need help.

  19. Is the PayCard safe and how is it protected?
    You select a personal four digit PIN for your PayCard. No one can get any money from the card without this secret PIN number. The money is held in trust for the benefit of the cardholder so it is protected from any claim from the employer or any legal action against the cardholder.

  20. What happens if I lose my PayCard?
    No problem, because your PayCard is PIN protected no one will be able to get money from your account. Call the customer service number and report your card as lost and they will send you a new card. If you need immediate cash, customer service will assist you in creating a Transcheck so you will be able to get your cash, until your new card arrives.

  21. Is the PayCard accepted at all ATM's?
    It is accepted at over 99% of all ATM's.

  22. Is the PayCard accepted in all stores?
    Your Visa PayCard is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted and that is almost everywhere.

  23. How much can I withdraw at one time or in one day?
    You can get up to $400 per day at ATM's or $600 per day with merchant purchases. Remember that some ATM's have individual machine limits of less than $400. Transchecks have a limit of $9,999.99.

  24. What happens if I stop working here?
    While deposits will end after your last pay, you can continue to use your PayCard until all your money is withdrawn.

For Further Assistance Please Contact:

Kiranmaye Nallayahgari
Electronic Funds Transfer Manager
Office: (405) 522-6860
Fax: (405) 521-4176
E-mail: Kiranmaye.Nallayahgari@treasurer.ok.gov