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OK.gov's Business Model

OK.gov is funded primarily through transaction based applications which do not require any tax expenditures from the state. More than 20 years ago, the state of Kansas initiated one of the most successful business models in the country. This model is known as a self-funding portal.  This model is currently used in  30 states throughout the U.S., including Oklahoma. OK.gov is unique in its model for cooperation. It is a government service administered for the good of the public, while benefiting from the entrepreneurial spirit and efficiencies found in private business. OK.gov was created for the purpose of providing all Oklahomans with equal access to governmental and other public information via the Internet.

The initial phase, funded by the Oklahoma Office of State Finance, created the state portal and established the foundation for all levels of government to have an online presence. The second phase involves contracting with state agencies to bring their services online. Funding options for this phase include the assessment of modest online fees for a select set of commercially valuable information and services. OK.gov has not replaced the traditional means of obtaining any government records or services. If any record or service is normally available for free, it can continue to be obtained for free through traditional means of service delivery.

Fees for online services are established following approval of the Governmental Technology Applications Review Board, Office of State Finance and the associated agency.

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