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Market Research

The OK.gov team recognizes that meeting customer needs and wants is the key to getting Oklahomans online! That's why market research is a core component of our development and marketing plans.

Our marketing staff works with state agency representatives to perform several types of market research if needed:

  • Focus Groups: When a state agency wants to obtain open-ended feedback from its users, a focus group often proves to be an effective market research method. OK.gov's marketing staff can use focus groups to get ideas for new online services and gather requirements for new and enhanced online services and websites.
  • Usability Testing: Our marketing team can conduct usability testing to determine how well potential Web site users navigate through an agency's website or online service. These sessions can help us fine tune a site's information architecture and/or improve instructions for an online service.
  • Customer Surveys: The OK.gov marketing team can use customer surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of specific marketing tactics, assess customer satisfaction with online services, determine pricing for online services, and more. Our staff works with state agency representatives to determine the most appropriate way to administer surveys, whether that be via the Internet, mail or phone.
  • Polls: When state agencies simply want to ask a single question, OK.gov staff can devise a plan to poll the intended target audience on the agency  website and/or application.
  • Comparative Research: Before designing websites and services, OK.gov team members research similar services and information offered by the OK.gov web portal and other state websites.

Adoption Rate Assistance

Adoption rates measure the usage of online services. An adoption rate is calculated by taking the total number of transactions processed through all delivery channels (by phone, web, mail, and at the counter), compared to the number processed via the online service, during the same period of time. The percentage completed online is the adoption rate for the service. For example, if you processed a total of 100 transactions in one month and 10 of those transactions were processed through your web application, the adoption rate for that month is 10%.

At the agency's request and after a period of six months to a year, OK.gov will analyze adoption rate figures of transactional based applications. If application adoption is poor, OK.gov marketing staff will work with agency personnel to determine factors that might be hindering the success of the online service. A marketing plan will then be developed and implemented to attempt to bring the adoption rate up for the application.

OK.gov experienced market research professionals work vigilantly to use research techniques appropriate to each state agency's circumstances. If you would like to know more about these market research services, please contact us by visiting our contact us page.

OK.gov provides marketing ideas and creative services at no cost to the agency. However, material and marketing implementation costs may be incurred by the agency.
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