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Advertising Assistance 

A particular online service often has a very narrow audience, even if it is a large group of customers. For instance, the online license renewals for various professions are limited to those who work in certain fields and advertising to just those individuals is critical but simple. One way to promote an online service to a target audience member is through print advertising. The OK.gov marketing team has worked with our partner agencies to develop advertising campaigns that promote services directly to those who need to know about them.

The OK.gov in-house marketing and design teams work with agency staff to determine specific goals for each advertising campaign, and will determine the best approach to meet those goals. Our staff can even work with media, on your behalf, to negotiate media spots. To increase the use of OK.gov applications, an advertising packet can be tailored to an agency's needs.  This advertising packet will highlight specific areas in which online services should be advertised in print, radio, and/or television. Once high-level plans are finalized, the creative process begins with a brainstorming session involving the agency and OK.gov's marketing team to develop the message and supporting graphics. From there, the OK.gov team creates a prototype for agency consideration. Once the final decisions are made, arrangements for placement in the desired media outlets can be made by either OK.gov or agency staff.

To learn more about the advertising assistance that OK.gov can provide please contact us by visiting our contact us page.

OK.gov provides marketing ideas and creative services at no cost to the agency. However, material and marketing implementation costs may be incurred by the agency.
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