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How to Manage Map Data on Oklahoma Maps

Welcome to the tutorial that will help allow you to manage map data on OK.gov's Interactive Mapping System: Oklahoma Maps. Follow the instructions below, but as always, feel free to contact OK.gov should you need further assistance. If you do not have access to the OK.gov Agency Management Admin Utility, please contact us to get set up! 

Prior to managing your data through the OK.gov Agency Management Admin Utility, please review these Data Layout Instructions. The instructions on this Word document will provide you with the tools to place your data into the Oklahoma Maps System.  Also, you will need access to the County Code List to comply with the data sets needed for upload.  

Adding New Map Data

Step 1: Log into the OK.gov Admin Tool

Step 2: Click on the 'Manage Map Data' link.

Step 3: Click on the 'Add Map Category/Data' link.

Please note: All new map data, must be approved by OK.gov before it appears on your agency map. If approved, then the data will appear as "Yes" for the status of "Approved for Display on Agency Map". If the map data is of interest to the general public and provides value to the existing Oklahoma Main Map, then it will also appear with a "Yes" for the status of "Approved for Display on Main Map". 
The Main Map is the primary map on OK.gov. > Click here to view. All Agency Maps can be accessed in the 'More OK Maps' right column section. 

Step 4: Enter a name into the 'Map Category Name'. This name will show to the public so please be clear and concise. 

Step 5: Choose Map Icon Color by placing your cursor on the desired color. 

Step 6: Browse for a CSV file to upload. If you receive errors at this point, please be sure your data layout is correct. > View Data Layout Instructions

Step 7: Save Data. 

At this point, OK.gov must approve your new map data. Please allow 1-2 business days for your map data to be published. Should OK.gov have any questions, we will contact you directly by email.  

Searching/Editing Map Data

Step 1: Log into the OK.gov Admin Tool

Step 2: Select Yes, No, or All for the following fields: Active, Approved for Display on Agency Map, Approved for Display on Main Map. 

Step 3: Click Search.

Step 4: View the information displayed and here you have the options to: 

    • Activate/Inactive Your Map -
      • Yes = Active to the public.
      • No = Inactive to the public.
    • View Map - View your Agency Map as seen to the public.
    • Edit Data - Please keep in mind that your Map must go through the OK.gov approval process, if you implement any edits through this screen.
      • There is only one new option: CSV File Options
        • Append to existing data set - modify the csv file.
        • Replace data set - change the csv file completely.
        • Skip file upload - if you are not changing anything about the csv file, you would select this option.
    • Delete - Delete your Map with this link.