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Improving the Acquisition of Assistive Technology

Device re-utilization includes both device repair and recycling programs and device exchange programs. Device repair/recycling programs are those in which pre-owned devices are accepted (usually by donation) into an inventory, are repaired or refurbished as needed, and then offered for sale, loan or give away to consumers as recycled products. Device exchange programs are those in which pre-owned items are listed in a "want ad" type posting and consumers can contact and arrange purchase of the pre-owned item directly from the current owner. 

RECYCLE AND REPAIR: ABLE Tech partners with Sooner AMBUCS, a non-profit community organization, to provide recycled/repaired computers. Sooner AMBUCS operates Share4Life Komputer (ASK) which is a community service project to recycle/repair computers. This program combines donated computers, components and software to put together usable computers for Oklahomans with disabilities to help recipients gain independence by acquiring computers that they would not otherwise have been able to obtain.

EXCHANGE: Oklahoma ABLE Tech operates an Assistive Technology exchange program called the Oklahoma Equipment Exchange. Since 1999 ABLE Tech operated an exchange program, formerly know as the Oklahoma Equipment Connection (OEC), which is a "want ad" system. The Equipment Exchange is a free service statewide to help Oklahomans with disabilities acquire assistive technology that is affordable, used equipment that can meet their needs.