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Mandatory Contributions

Each member of TRS is required to contribute seven percent of regular annual compensation each payroll period. Local school districts and other participating employers deduct and remit member contributions to TRS each month. Deposits are posted to each member's account and annual statements are mailed to each member's home address in September or October each year.

Member contributions are refunded if the member terminates employment prior to retirement or paid to the member's beneficiary or estate if the member dies before retirement. At retirement member's contributions are used to help pay the lifetime monthly benefit received by the member.

Regular annual compensation includes wages and fringe benefits. Fringe benefits include, but are not limited to, employer-paid group health, dental and life insurance, annuities and pension contributions. Generally, regular annual compensation is the same as the employee's total pay package as specified in the employment contract, if applicable. Regular annual compensation also includes any voluntary tax-deferred deductions the member chooses to have deducted from his or her monthly pay.