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The law book listed below contains the current "unofficial" law and rules pertaining to the practice of pharmacy as effective July 25, 2013.  Click on the title below to view or print a complete copy.  

2013 Oklahoma Pharmacy Law Book *
[Posted 08-06-2013]
[Last Update 01-21-2014]

"This publication is issued by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy as authorized by Title 59 O.S. 353.7.  Copies have not been printed but are available through the agency website."



 The permanent rules of the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy have been codified at Title 535 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC).  The OAC is published by the Office of Administrative Rules, a department of the Secretary of State, and contains all "official" agency rules.  "Official" copies of the laws regarding pharmacy may be obtained from the statute books.

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Notice of Rulemaking Intent
OAC Title 535, Chapters 1, 10, 12, 13, 15, 20 & 25
[posted 12/03/14]

The following rules were approved by the Board on 01/14/2015 and have been submitted to the legislature for approval:

Chapter 1. Administrative Operations 
[posted 01/26/15]

Chapter 10. Pharmacists; and Interns, Preceptors and Training Areas  
[posted 01/26/15]

Chapter 12. Unused Prescription Drug Program for Oklahoma's Medically Indigent
[posted 01/26/15]

Chapter 13. Emergency / Disaster Prescription Drug Rules  
[posted 01/26/15]

Chapter 15. Pharmacies *
[see below for 15-3-9 withdrawal & replacement]
[posted 01/26/15]

* Chapter 15. Pharmacies - Withdrawal: 535:15-3-9
[posted 04/10/15]

* Chapter 15. Pharmacies - Replacement: 535:15-3-9
[posted 04/10/15]

Chapter 20. Manufacturers, Repackagers, Outsourcing Facilities, Wholesalers, Third-Party Logistics Providers, and Medical Gas Suppliers and Distributors  
[posted 01/26/15]

Chapter 25. Rules Affecting Various Registrants 
[posted 01/26/15]



Last Modified on 04/10/2015
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