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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

I cannot afford my prescription.  Where can I get help?
There are several non-profit charitable pharmacies located around the state.  Please click on
Charitable Pharmacies for a list of the charitable pharmacies currently licensed by the Board.
Can a pharmacist administer immunizations?
Yes, prior to administering immunizations, pharmacists must complete a Board approved immunization training course and register with the Board.
How long are prescriptions valid?
A prescription for a non-controlled substance is valid for one year from the original date of prescription.
Can a pharmacist substitute on a prescription?
A pharmacist may not substitute on a prescription unless the prescriber or the purchaser (patient) has authorized the substitution.
How long must a pharmacy keep prescription records?
The original prescription must be kept for 5 years.
Can a doctor prescribe for his family?
A practitioner (doctor) may not prescribe a controlled dangerous substance for their personal use or for an immediate family member within 2 degrees of blood or marriage. [see Appendix F -
Oklahoma Pharmacy Law Book]
What are the prescribing limits for physician assistants (PA's) on controlled substance prescriptions?
PA's may prescribe up to a 30 day supply on an individual prescription, but are not allowed to prescribe refills on controlled substances.
A PA cannot write a C-II prescription for a retail patient.  The PA may only write an order for a Schedule
II for immediate or ongoing administration "on-site".  "On-site" is defined as:
A. Hospital in-patients
B. Emergency Room
C. Surgicenters
D. Medical clinics or offices in case of an emergency
What are the prescribing limits for Advance Practice Nurses on controlled substance prescriptions?
Advanced Practice Nurses with authority to prescribe C-III thru C-V controlled substances can prescribe up to 30 days supply. The 30 days supply may be a combination of the initial fill and a number of refills which adds up to the 30 days supply.  For example, a prescription for a 10 day supply could have up to 2 refills which would equal a 30 days supply.

What is the difference between a medical gas "supplier" and a medical gas "distributor"?
A medical gas "supplier" can sell medical gases only on drug orders issued to a patient.  A medical gas "distributor" can sell medical gases on drug orders issued to patients and to medical gas "suppliers" or other entities licensed to use, administer, or distribute medical gases.


Last Modified on 11/06/2013
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