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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between a licensee and a realtor?
A. Both obtained real estate licenses through the state process; however, in order for a licensee to use the "realtor" logo, the licensee must belong to the Realtor organization. This designation is over and above the obtaining of a real estate license; however, it is not state required.

Q. Where can I obtain a complaint form to file a complaint against a real estate licensee?
A. Refer to the Complaint Process/Investigations link.

Q. How do I obtain a license certification from the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission?
A. Refer to the request form. Submit the request form with a check or money order for $15.00 each made payable to OREC. If you need a license certification for an entity it would be the same procedure and fee.

Q. How do I locate a licensee in a certain area?
A. Refer to the Licensee Search link.

Q. What is the address and telephone number of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors?
A. Refer to the Related Links .

Q. How do I locate addresses of real estate commissions in other jurisdictions?
A. Refer to the Related Links.

Q. Who do I contact on a rental problem?
A. The Landlord & Tenant Act (Non-Residential/Residential) are under the jurisdiction of the courts. The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission prints the Act and makes it available to the public; however, the Commission has no jurisdiction over the acts. If you have questions regarding the acts you should contact an attorney. If the problem involves a licensee, you should contact our Investigation Department.

Q. Who licenses real estate appraisers?
A. Real Estate Appraisers are under jurisdiction of the Insurance Department 

Q. Who licenses mortgage brokers?
A. Mortgage brokers are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Consumer Credit.

Q. Who regulates abstractors?
A. Abstractors are under the jurisdiction of the Abstractors Board.

Q. Who regulates real estate inspectors?
A. Home inspectors are regulated by the Construction Industries Board.

Q. Who do I contact regarding real estate taxes?
A. The County Assessor and/or County Treasurer of the county wherein the property is located.

Q. Where do I get lead-based paint forms and/or pamphlets?
A. Refer to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Q. Where can I obtain information on licensees regarding License Number, License Status, Expiration Date, and current Broker information at no charge?
A. Information regarding licensees at no charge can be accessed by clicking on the following link:
Licensee Search

Q. In accordance with the Open Records Act, how do we obtain information regarding a bulk list of licensees or a complete list of those individuals who have recently taken the real estate examination?
A. There is a charge for obtaining such information and you may obtain such information by going to the following link: If you have further questions, please contact the Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the OREC have a Toll Free Number?
A: Yes, the number is 1-866-521-3389.

Q: What forms of payment does the OREC accept?
A: The OREC accepts exact cash, personal check, cashiers check, or money order. NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS.

Q: Will the OREC be open in case of inclement weather?
A: Call the OREC at (405)521-3387 or 1-866-521-3389 as our services may be limited, or our office may be closed.