Q: What is an Energy Champion?
A: An agency contact, usually a volunteer, who connects their agency with valuable energy & money saving information and campaign materials.
Q: Does my agency have an Energy Champion?
A: If your agency is not listed with a hyperlinked name, the answer unfortunately is no. Volunteer today!
Q: How do I become an Energy Champion?
A: Contact information listed at the bottom of this page.
Q: How does a state agency benefit from having an Energy Champion?
A: In addition to environmental & financial benefits through energy savings, state agencies will gain knowledge & experiences from a conservation-minded approach to work.
Q: What is required of an Energy Champion?
A: Participate in the organization & scheduling of energy awareness events and the distribution of campaign materials including the Sustainability E-Newsletter.

Interesting Facts

Keep air vents clear of paper, files, and office supplies. It takes as much as 25 percent more energy to pump air into the workspace if the vents are blocked. (source: US EPA)