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Energy Champions will validate the importance of the Green Fingerprint campaign. They will act as the eyes and ears of the campaign by providing feedback on any problems & opportunities that may arise in each agency. As the Green Fingerprint campaign reaches the Energy Champions and each agency, messages will gain exposure and velocity. Energy Champions assist in the organization/scheduling of energy awareness events and the distribution of posters and other campaign materials.

The following individuals and agencies have shown their commitment to a sustainable future by volunteering Energy Champions:

Department of Central Services Dan Ross
Oklahoma Arts Council Michele Gann
Office of the State Auditor & Inspector Georgia Godwin
Oklahoma Conservation Commission Karla Beatty
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Studies Shawn McCarty
Oklahoma Tax Commission Paula Ross
Department of Human Services Adele Jack
State Treasurer's Office (N. Central Location) Kathy L. Ernst
State Treasurer's Office (Capitol) Amy Sparks
Oklahoma Water Resources Board Chris Neel
Office of the Secretary of the Environment Amanda Storck
Office of the Secretary of Energy Cassie Gilman
Office of Personnel Management Terri Berry
Department of Environmental Quality Fenton Rood
Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department Jessica Blackstock
Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education Donna Sinnes
Oklahoma Board of Nursing Dana Edminsten

DCS would like to thank each of these individuals and agencies for their support. Energy Champions recognize the need for energy efficiency and have taken the first step to making their facilities more sustainable. To provide feedback or suggestions to the Green Fingerprint campaign, please contact your agency’s Energy Champion. To learn more about Energy Champions, or if your agency does not currently have one and you would like to volunteer to represent your agency, please contact Thomas Bowman, DCS Sustainability Awareness Coordinator, by phone (405-522-0049) or email (thomas_bowman@dcs.state.ok.us).

Last Modified on 03/02/2010