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Senate Bill 833, effective November 1, 2009, requires each state agency to develop and implement an energy efficiency and conservation plan. The bill also directs DCS to research and identify best available methods to aid agencies in the implementation of their plans. DCS is committed to the successful completion and improvement of plans for all state agencies, as well as education and awareness in all areas of sustainability. 

DCS is also designated as the official repository for all state agency energy efficiency and conservation plans. For help with, or to submit your agency's plan, please contact Liz Cope at (405) 521-3315 or liz_cope@dcs.state.ok.us


DCS periodically sends correspondence to all state agencies regarding information and updates for SB 833 plans. Click the links below for guidance and resources to assist with your agency's plan. 

Agency Sustainability Plans
(received as of November 1, 2010)
Department of Consumer Credit Oklahoma Educational Television Authority
Department of Human Services Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System
Department of Labor Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Department of Public Safety Physician Manpower Training Commission
Funeral Board State Board of Pharmacy
Lottery Commission Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust
Office of Disability Concerns Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission
Office of Personnel Management Board of Examiners in Optometry
Oklahoma State Banking Department Oklahoma State Regents For Higher Education
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Last Modified on 12/02/2010
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are plans due?
A: SB 833 did not mandate a regular filing deadline.

Q: I work for a small agency that does not see energy bills for our facility. How can we improve our energy efficiecy?

A small agency's plan can be as simple as incorporating small steps outlined in Energy Star’s “Bringing Your Green to Work” campaign.

Q: How do I benchmark my energy usage and begin setting goals?
A:  New Page 1

Click here for Energy Star's Guidelines for Energy Management