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10-kW Wind Turbine Installed
at Governor's Mansion
Date Completed: May 14, 2010

Wind turbine at Governor's Mansion Pavilion
Wind turbine overlooking governor's mansion.
10-kW wind turbine overlooking Phillips Pavilion at the Governor's mansion. 10-kW wind turbine from the front of the Governor's mansion residence.

Project Summary:

Spinning atop the 120 foot tower, the 10-kW turbine is a constant, visible reminder of Oklahoma's renewable energy potential. 

As of February 9th, the turbine produced approximately 14,826 kWh; the equivalent of avoiding 25,500 lbs of CO2


10-kW Wind Turbine Installed
at LEED Building
Date Completed: June 1, 2010

Wind Turbine in construction at LEED building

Wind Turbine Overlooking Capitol Building
Wind turbine attached to the top of a 120-foot tower. Installed wind turbine facing east. Sunset-lit Capitol building stands in background.

Project Summary:

The project, which began as a mechanical systems upgrade, evolved into a full-scale renovation with LEED-certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in sight. The 10-kW wind turbine served a key role in the project's LEED Gold certification, the first such certification in Oklahoma City. 

As of February 7th, the turbine produced approximately 16,148 kWh; the equivalent of avoiding 27,774 lbs of CO2


60-kW Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels
Installed at LEED Building
Date Completed: July 15, 2010

60 kW of Photovoltaic solar panels @ LEED building
Solar panels at LEED building.
60-kW of PV solar panels attached to covered parking structure. PV solar panels atop a covered employee break area.

Project Summary:

A covered parking structure with preferred parking for low-emitting vehicles seemed a perfect fit for 30-kW of PV solar panels. So perfect, in fact, that 30-kW more were added to double the potential clean energy generation. The completed project received LEED Gold certification from the USGBC, only the seventh Gold certification in the entire state.

As of February 7th, the panels produced approximately 344,283 kWh; the equivalent of avoiding 592,166 lbs of CO2.


6.5 kW PV Solar Panels Installed
at Governor's Mansion Firehouse
Date Completed: August 9, 2010

6.5 kW of solar panels @ Gov. Mansion Firehouse
Sun shining on solar panels at firehouse
The solar panels were strategically installed with great care in order
to preserve the look of the firehouse historic roofing.
PV solar panels soaking up morning sunshine on Governor's mansion firehouse.

Project Summary:

The addition of solar panels contributed energy-source diversity to the Governor's mansion grounds renewable energy portfolio. The panels, as well as the 10-kW wind turbine, generate clean energy on mansion grounds and take advantage of two of Oklahoma's most abundant energy sources - the sun and wind.  

As of February 9th, the panels produced approximately 5,145 kWh; the equivalent of avoiding 8,849 lbs of CO2


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Last Modified on 02/28/2011
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