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This list is updated frequently, Please check back often for current information - updated 07/07/2010.

Funded - Working Projects
Building Project Notes
Agriculture Domestic water heater installation Material has been ordered and work is scheduled to begin 074/07/10
DOT Snack bar renovation Contractor demolition of smoke room is complete.  Framing of new office walls began 4/21.  This project is now at 75% completion.
DOT Window Tinting Project is at 35% complete
Courts DDC Controls - Programming/Graphics Boiler programming to be completed week of 07/09/10
Courts Roof Replacement Currently in design phase
Capitol Acquisition of 41 heat pumps Received completed PO and pumps on order.  5/20/10
Capitol Installation of heat pumps Waiting on arrival and will be scheduled for in house installation.
Capitol Cooling tower basin heaters and insulation Johnson Controls tested the all heat tapes and found them operating correctly. Heat tapes are being re-insulated.  JCI will have to wait for cooler weather to install new heaters in basin.
Connors Computer room conversion to chilled water There was a pre construction meeting on June 23rd at the site.  They started the prep work for the project on the 28th. Should be in full swing next week.  
Hodge VSD for building water pump installation Installation is to be scheduled.
LEED/CAP landscape installation The stone and rock that we called for in the specs has not arrived at Myers  yard as of yet but they expect it next week.
Library Design for lighting renovation Design for relocation of lighting is complete.  25 Watt bulbs ordered. Reid & Reid Electrical started the relocation of lights 6/30/10
Park Oil Derrick Fencing Requisition and P.O. have been approved and sent out for bid
Park Central Bed Landscaping (WR/Seq) 95% Complete
Tulsa Air Handling Unit upgrade Proposal under review
Will Rogers/ Sequoyah Engineering Boiler Replacement Engineering is complete. Abatement is complete and boilers installation was started 7/7/10.


Last Modified on 07/07/2010