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 (Please Read the "Complaint Process" before completing the Complaint Form!)


“In order to safeguard life, health and property and to promote the public welfare, the professions of architecture and landscape architecture are declared to be subject to regulation in the public interest.”

OS 59 Section 46.2


In order to ensure the safety of the public, the Oklahoma Board of Architects, Landscape Architects and Registered Interior Designers investigates all complaints and violations through its enforcement and compliance officer. Rulings and decisions are based on the current Oklahoma State Architectural and Registered Interior Designers Act, and all disciplinary actions are made public and shared with NCARB, CLARB, and other state registration boards throughout the United States.


File a Complaint

  1. Individuals who wish to file a complaint in regards to a violation committed in Oklahoma can find a complaint form at
  2. The form should be filled out completely, including a detailed description of the violation, and should be accompanied by as many documents that support the complaint as possible.
  3. The completed form and documentation can be mailed or brought to 220 N.E. 28th Street, Suite 150, or can be sent electronically to


Please do not file a complaint if any parties involved in the complaint are anticipating litigation or if litigation is already underway. The complaint can be investigated after the legal action is resolved, unless the immediate failure to investigate would adversely impact public health, safety, or welfare.


  1. The complaint and documentation will then be reviewed and evaluated by the Investigation Committee to determine if the matter falls within the Board’s jurisdiction, if a violation has occurred, or if more information is required.
  2. Unless the complaint is determined to be outside the Board’s jurisdiction or there are insufficient grounds to support any action by the Board, the Investigation Committee will begin a full investigation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public are being guarded.


Investigating a Complaint

  1. Once an investigation has begun, the Investigation Committee will notify the architect, landscape architect, interior designer, or unlicensed individual of the need for further documents or proofs, and will communicate with other parties involved to determine the truth and validity of the allegations of the complaint.
  2. As a result of the investigation, the Investigation Committee will present the facts and findings to the Board in order to establish if there is probable cause to warrant or further proceedings, or to recommend that the investigation be dismissed due to a lack of sufficient evidence that a violation has occurred.
  3. If probable cause is found, a public hearing will be scheduled, at which time the Board will hear all facts and testimonies, and will vote on the final charges. Prior to the hearing, the accused practitioner will receive a notice outlining all the charges, as well as his or her right to appear before the Board at the hearing.


Throughout the investigation process, the complainant will be kept apprised of all of the findings of the Investigation Committee and the final charge of the Board.


The authority of the Board is established by the Oklahoma State Architectural and Registered Interior Designers Act. The Board has not been granted the authority to settle contract disputes between architects and clients.


Complaint_Form  (please print and complete form - thank you)

Please email to




Recent Disciplinary Actions   

Case #2016-454       Ralph Martinez                       $10,000
Calera, TX
The respondent did not possess a license to practice architecture in Oklahoma, due to a failure to renew the license, at the time that he used his Oklahoma seal to stamp architectural plans.

Attorney General Opinion and Order

Case #2016-470      Ward Design Group                      $500
Oklahoma City, OK
The respondents held themselves out as being able to practice landscape architecture without a Certificate of Authority or license.

Attorney General Opinion

Case #2017-520       Michael D. Smith                        $5,000
Paris, TX
The respondent practiced architecture in Oklahoma without a license.

Attorney General Opinion and Order

Case #2017-499     PlainJoe Studios Architecture     $2,000
Corona, CA
The respondents held themselves out as being able to practice architecture in Oklahoma, without possessing a valid Certificate of Authority to do so.

Consent Order

Case #2017-547    Fergon Architects, LLC                   $1,000
La Grange Park, IL
The respondents practiced architecture in Oklahoma without a Certificate of Authority and falsely stated their qualifications and
the kind of services they were authorized to provide.

Attorney General Opinion and Order

Case #2014-512       Design-Build Evolutions LLC      $2,500
Tulsa, OK
The respondent demonstrated to the general public its ability to practice architecture in Oklahoma without a valid certificate of authority to do so.

Consent Order