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Agency Staff
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Contact Information
Street Address: Get Map
Attn: (Department Needed)
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone (405)521-3864
Fax (405)522-4912
Mailing Address:
Attn: (Department Needed)
PO Box 528804
Oklahoma City, OK 73152
Main Phone: (405)521-3864
Fax: (405)522-4912

Executive Office

Jim Reese Photo
Jim Reese, Commissioner of Agriculture,(405) 522-5719

Blayne Arthur Photo
Blayne Arthur, Deputy Commissioner, (405) 522-6105

Support Staff

Kandi Batts
Kandi Batts, Executive Assistant, (405) 522-5488

Administrative Services

Bryan Painter

Bryan Painter, Communications/Administrative Director, (405) 521-6479

Communications Staff Photo
Finance Division

General Services / Purchasing

Human Resources

Graphics/Website/Multimedia Unit

Investigative Services

Jerry Flowers, Chief Agent Photo
Jerry Flowers, Chief Agent, (405)317-7711 (Cell Phone)

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Investigative Services
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405)522-6102
Fax: (405)522-8044
Main Email

  • Marie Edgemon, Admin. Programs Officer (405)522-6102
  • Tina Fortune, (405) 522-6849
  • Patrick Blake, Special Agent, (405)664-5113 (Cell Phone)
  • Jason Smith, Special Agent, (405) 558-1102 (Cell Phone)
  • Paul Cornett, Special Agent, (405)650-8982 (Cell Phone)
  • Eddie Davenport, Special Agent, (405)850-8292 (Cell Phone)
  • Dusty Goforth, Special Agent, (405)824-2194 (Cell Phone)
  • Michael Hooper, Special Agent, (405)850-9369 (Cell Phone)
  • Ricky Rushing, Special Agent, (405)488-9144 (Cell Phone)
  • Doug Elliott, Special Agent, (405) 464-1581 (Cell Phone)


Agricultural Environmental Management Services Staff

Jeremy Seiger

  • Geary Green, Inspector
  • David Jett, Inspector
  • Ada Pfeiffer, Inspector
  • David Berry, Inspector
  • Foster Johnson, Inspector
  • John Littlefield, Inspector
  • Keith Smith, Inspector
  • Randy Thompson, Inspector
  • Rita Price, Inspector
  • Lorri Hardin, Environmental Program Specialist
  • Katie Fine-McCrary, Environmental Program Specialist
Agriculture Pollutant Discharge Elimination System(AgPDES) Staff

CAFO Areas and Inspectors
Poultry Areas and Inspectors

Animal Industry Staff

Photo of Dr. Rod Hall, DVM
Dr. Rod Hall
, State Veterinarian, (405)522-0270

Program Staff
  • Brandi Rippee, Programs Officer, (405)522-6133
  • Janice Montgomery, Cattle Brucellosis, Cattle TB, Trichomoniasis, Aquaculture, and Biologics, (405)522-6128
  • Nichole Carrillo, Swine, Feral Swine, Animal Disease Traceability, Farmed Cervidae, CWD, Cervidae TB and Brucellosis (405)522-6124
  • Sherrie Davis, Poultry, Equine (405)522-6139
  • Rhonda Keener, Animal Disease Traceability, Import/Export, Health Certificates, Data Import (405) 522-6141
  • Betty Baxter, Animal Disease Traceability, Data Import (405) 522-6138
  • Tammy Hagar, Data Import, Mail Clerk
  • Teresa Bragg, Data Import, Supplies Clerk

Consumer Protection Services Staff
Street Address:
Consumer Protection Services
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Fax: (405)522-4584
Mailing Address:
Consumer Protection Services
PO Box 528804
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-8804
Fax: (405)522-4584
Kenny Naylor
Kenny Naylor, Director, (405) 522-5879

Administration Support Staff

Agricultural Resources Section
Fax (405)522-4584

Agricultural Resources Support Staff

Grain Warehouse Examiner

Agricultural Resources Field Inspectors

Ag Inspectors Map
Weights and Measures Field Inspectors

  • David Wheelock, Geographic Information Systems Specialist,
    (405) 522-5477


Environmental Resources & Horticulture Section
Fax (405)522-4584

Plant Protection Specialists

Nursery Inspectors Map

Pesticide & Apiary Section
Fax (405) 522-0625

Pesticide Support Staff
Fax (405) 522-0625

Pesticide  & Apiary Field Inspectors

Plant Protection Specialist map

Food Safety Staff

Fax: (405)522-1060
Stan Stromberg Food Safety Director

Dairy Section

Organic Food Section
  • Jeff Stearns, Organic Inspector/Investigator, (405)522-5924
Poultry & Egg
  • Bryan Buchwald, Poultry, Egg, Organic Section Director, (405)522-5898

Meat & Poultry Inspection
  • Scott Yates, Director, Meat Inspection, (405)522-6114
  • Bryan Suchy, Meat Inspection Compliance Supervisor, (405)620-1054
Forestry Services
Visit Oklahoma Forestry Website for more information www.forestry.ok.gov
State Office
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
2800 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Tel:  405/522-6158
Fax:  405/522-4583

George Geissler Photo
George Geissler, State Forester

Dawn Bartelmann - Executive Secretary

Kurt Atkinson - Assistant Director, Western
Mark Goeller - Assistant Director, Eastern
Rhonda Wilson, Administrative Officer
Linda Doss, Financial Officer

Statewide Program Specialists

Brian Hall, Staff Forester, Forest Protection
Carri Abner, Forest Inventory
Dieter Rudolph, Staff Forester, Forest Management
John Roberts, Fire Staff & Training Specialist
Mark Bays, Urban Forestry Coordinator
Michelle Finch-Walker, Communications Specialist*
* Note:  Broken Bow Office

Rural Fire Defense
Andy James, Rural Fire Staff Forester
Oklahoma Forestry Services, Rural Fire Defense
830 NE 12th Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
405-288-2385 (Tel)   405-288-6326 (Fax)

Albert Engstrom, Forest Regeneration Center
Scott Huff, Regeneration Center Manager
Oklahoma Forestry Services, FRC
830 NE 12th Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
405-288-2385 (Tel)   405-288-6326 (Fax)

Forest Tree Improvement Center
Justin Jones, FTIC Manager
Oklahoma Forestry Services, FTIC
Route 1, Box 233
Idabel, OK 74745
580-286-3552 (Tel)  580-286-2647 (Fax)
Laboratory Services Staff

Contact Information:
Phone: (405)522-5431
    Fax: (405)522-0543

Tanna Kilpatrick 

Bureau of Standards


    Feed, Fertilizer & Lime
  • Ryan Lerch, Chemist IV
  • Keith Keesee, Chemist II
  • Jane Osorio-Bella, Chemist II
  • Priscilla Van Maanen, Chemist I
  • David Smith, Chemist I
  • Kyle Youngs, Chemist I
  • Faisal Behi, Laboratory Technician II
  • Niran Al Dulaimi, Laboratory Technician II

    Food & Dairy
  • Brian McDowell, Microbiologist IV
  • Sharon Swyear, Microbiologist I
  • Bryan Fritz, Microbiologist I

    Water & Inorganics
  • Emily Curry, Chemist IV
  • Thuy Ta, Chemist II
  • Elena Lyon, Chemist II
  • Melanie Lyon, Laboratory Technician II
  • Fay Edwards, Laboratory Aide
Market Development Staff
Contact Information:
Phone: (405)522-4330
    Fax: (405)522-4855

Jamey Allen
  • Jamie Cummings, Agritourism Program Administrator, (405)522-5652
  • Lori Coats, Western Region Agritourism Coordinator, (405)522-5652
  • Becca Lasich, Eastern Region Agritourism Coordinator, (405)522-5687
Diversified Agriculture
Domestic Programs
  • Julie Sears, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-5560
  • Kerry Barrick, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-5601
Economic Development
  • Jason Harvey, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-5563
Education Program
Farm to School
Grants / Loans
  • Jason Harvey, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-5563
International Programs
Market News
  • Jack Carson, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-3752
Office of General Counsel Staff
Contact Information:
Phone: (405)522-5997
    Fax: (405)522-5789
Teena Gunter Teena Gunter, Esq., General Counsel

Wildlife Services Staff
  • Kevin Grant, State Director, (405) 521-4039
  • Berta Altizer, Budget Analyst, (405) 521-4039
  • David C. Dudley, District Supervisor, Southeast District
  • Dwaine Scott, District Supervisor, West District
  • Kenny Kellett, District Supervisor, Northeast District