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Oklahoma Agricultural Hall of Fame

The Governor’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Agriculture
  1. Honor leaders in the agriculture industry who have exemplified personal values, performance, and achievement in Oklahoma
  2. Recognize high standards of conduct, leadership, innovation, and accomplishment for agriculture
  3. Publicize and build more awareness for excellence in agriculture and to establish role models for the agriculture industry’s young people
  4. Utilize this quality forum to promote more individual leadership, innovation, and the desire to excel in the agricultural field
  • Any individual, who has been involved with agriculture for a minimum of 25 years
  • derives the bulk of his/her income principally from agriculture, or has retired from an agricultural enterprise

The definition of agriculture shall include: livestock and crop production, agribusiness, forestry, and horticulture/nursery.

Any individual who is nominated and selected as one of the top three applicants for two years will automatically be eligible to receive the reward for the next three years. If the individual has not been selected for the award after the three-year time period, they will need to be nominated again to be eligible for recognition. Posthumous nominations are not eligible to receive this award.

Award Process

The Governor’s Selection Committee, by their own process, shall select one agriculturalist who best represents the criteria established for the award. The Governor’s Selection Committee will be chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture and shall include presidents of selected agricultural commodity organizations. The Committee shall also include representatives from agricultural/rural media, and farm and ranch organizations.


The award winner will be inducted into the Oklahoma Agriculture Hall of Fame located at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. The individual’s portrait and biography will be on display at the Hall of Fame. The Governor will make presentation of the award to the selected agriculturalist during a special ceremony. The award winner will be notified in a timely manner prior to ceremony.

Selection Criteria
  • Contributions to Agriculture-
    Two opportunities for demonstrating a nominee’s level of contribution are provided for on the nomination form. Section A calls for a listing of agricultural organizations in which the nominee is active; Section D, a narrative description of the nominee’s contribution to agriculture in Oklahoma.
    • Contributions to State-
      The Governor’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Agriculture is intended to recognize that agriculture is an integral part of our society and that agriculturalists are typically contributors to the well-being of their states. Two opportunities are provided on the nomination form to characterize a nominee’s level of commitment to his/her state. Information should be provided in Section B on state organizations in which the nominee is actively involved. A narrative description of the nominee’s statewide activities, citing examples where possible, should also be included in Section D of the nomination form.
    • Statewide Recognition-
      An opportunity exists in Section C to show agricultural and statewide recognition of a nominee’s accomplishments. A narrative description of the nominee’s accomplishments may also be included in Section D of the nomination form.

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