Investigative Services Unit

List of Stolen Agriculture Assets

 Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Investigative Services
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone:(405)522-6102, Fax:(405)522-8044

Stolen Property

Date of Report
Description of Property
5/13/15 Greer Oklahoma 1 Large Red Hereford Missing
4/01/15 Bonham Texas 3 Head of Cattle Missing
3/18/15 Washington Oklahoma 6 Head of Cattle Missing
3/09/15 Woodward Oklahoma 18 Head of Cattle Missing
3/02/15 Choctaw Oklahoma 12 Head of Cattle Missing
2/29/15 Pottawatomie Oklahoma 7 Head of Cattle Missing
2/21/15 Seminole Oklahoma 10 Head Black Heifers Missing
11/01/14 Custer Oklahoma 3 Black Cows Missing
10/02/14 Caddo Oklahoma 5 Mostly Black Branded Heifers Missing
11/29/14 Ottawa Oklahoma 1 Hereford Horned Bull Missing
10/24/14 Garfield Oklahoma 1 Red Angus Bull Missing
10/02/14 Caddo Oklahoma 7 Head of Solid Black Cows Missing
9/03/14 Delaware Oklahoma 2 Head Cattle Missing
8/10/14 Carter-Love Oklahoma 5 Head of Steers Missing
8/08/14 Caddo Oklahoma 12 Head Black Cows Missing
8/12/14 Garvin Oklahoma 13 Head of Cattle Missing
8/04/14 Coal Oklahoma Rodeo Bull with Horns Missing
7/18/14 Logan Oklahoma Seven Head Cows Missing
7/09/14 Jefferson Oklahoma John Deere Tractor and Brush Hog Missing
7/01/14 Atoka Oklahoma Four Head Steer Calves Missing
6/22/14 Kingfisher Oklahoma 3 Head of Cattle Found
6/19/14 McClain Oklahoma Three Head of Cattle Missing
5/14/14 Pawnee Oklahoma 29 Head of Cattle Missing
6/04/14 Pottawatomie Oklahoma Saddles and items Missing
5/20/14 Craig Oklahoma 27 Head of Yearling Steers Missing
5/10/14 McClain Oklahoma 4 Head of Mixed Breed Steers Missing
5/09/14 Grady Oklahoma 19 Head of Cattle Missing
4/27/14 Grant Oklahoma 24 Head of Heifers Missing
4/15/14 Ottawa Oklahoma Black Heifer "LJ" Branded Missing
4/27/14 Pittsburg Oklahoma 2 Longhorn Steers Found
4/15/14 Seminole Oklahoma 17 Head of Mixed Cattle Missing
4/4/14 Kiowa Oklahoma 11 Head of Steers Missing
4/4/14 Woodward Oklahoma Two Black Cows Found
4/3/14 Pottawatomie Oklahoma 1300 Gallon Poly Tank Missing
2/23/14 Pottawatomie Oklahoma Seven Head of Calves Missing
3/6/14 Okfuskee Oklahoma Two Head of Cattle Missing
2/27/14 Woodward Oklahoma Two Horses Missing
3/4/14 Custer Oklahoma Nine Head Black, Black-Baldy Heifers Missing
2/22/14 Johnston Oklahoma Eight head of Limousine Cattle Missing
2/13/14 Pratt Oklahoma 12 Head of heavy bred cows Missing
11/12/13 Dewey Oklahoma Red White Faced Steer Missing
11/8/13 Tulsa Oklahoma Registered Black Angus Bull Missing
10/8/13 Pontotoc Oklahoma 99 Head of mix breed steers Missing
9/16/13 Custer Oklahoma 22 Head of Cattle Missing
8/12/13 Pittsburg Oklahoma 3 Head of Cattle Missing
7/24/13 Payne Oklahoma 131 Heifers most black Missing
7/18/13 Canadian Oklahoma Black Cattle and Angus Bulls Missing
7/3/13 McIntosh Oklahoma 8 Head of Cattle Missing
6/20/13 Canadian Oklahoma 5 Head Black Angus Bull Missing
6/5/13 Okfuskee Oklahoma 24 Head Cows and Calves Missing
3/31/13 Garvin Oklahoma 6 Red Limousine Cows Missing
3/30/13 Blaine Oklahoma 14-15 Heifer and Bull Calves Missing
3/1/13 Muskogee Oklahoma 8 Red Limousine/Angus Missing
11/26/12 Kiowa Oklahoma 22 Head Charolais Heifers Missing