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Feral Swine

Feral Swine in Field
Feral swine population density continues to rise throughout all 77 counties of Oklahoma, and this invasive species continues to spread across the nation as result of natural range expansion, illegal trapping and movement, and accidental releases from domestic swine operations. As these populations have expanded, debate over the pros and cons of their presence has become more intense. Farmers, livestock producers, hunters, and trappers all have differing opinions on these animals. For some, these animals are destructive and represent a threat to ecosystems and livestock health; while to others, they are a resource for recreation and commerce. Regardless of opinions, feral swine have proven their ability to adapt and multiply, and it is unlikely they will ever be eradicated. As a state, we must develop strategies and approaches to address control while considering the interests of all parties.

Current Topics

  • Feral Swine Import Ban (7/20/15)
  • Wild Hog Damage
  • Illegal Transport of Feral Swine into Oklahoma
  • Suspect Charged with Felonies for Transporting and Releasing Feral Swine

  • A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic

    Part 1,  A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic - Natural History Part 2, A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic - Damage Part 3, A Pickup Load of Pigs: The Feral Swine Pandemic - Control
    Video's by Mississippi State University

    Oklahoma Feral Swine Hunter/Trapper Directory

    The Oklahoma Feral Swine Hunter/Trapper Directory was developed to help connect landowners who want help controlling feral swine with feral swine hunters and trappers. The application required for directory listing can be downloaded below. The hunter/trapper directory will list contact information that will allow landowners to extend hunting offers to them. Landowners may contact listed feral swine hunters/trappers and arrive at mutually agreeable terms for hunting or trapping feral swine. ODAFF urges all hunters and trappers to respect private property rights and abide by all state regulations, and landowners are encouraged to review the Recreational Land Use Liability powerpoint below.

    Feral Swine Facility & Transporter Licensing

    The Feral Swine Control Act was passed in 2008 to address feral swine facility and transporter licensing. This act created oversight of captive feral swine and is intended to prevent the release and propagation of feral swine upon unlicensed properties. Licensed facilities are inspected annually and approved for maintaining feral swine. Licensed transporters are allowed to move live feral swine across the state for sale to licensed feral swine facilities or slaughter houses.

    Hunting Regulations

    ODAFF does not regulate hunting/trapping of feral swine. Please visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation or contact your Local Game Warden for hunting/trapping regulations.

    Management Guides

    For questions about the program, contact:

    Nichole Carrillo or Justin Roach, DVM
    Phone:(405) 522-6124