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Frequently Asked Questions about Oklahoma Taxpayer Relief payments
Who is entitled to receive payment?
All Oklahoma residents who filed Oklahoma income tax returns for 2004 are entitled to receive payment, with the exception of:
        Residents who were inmates in the custody of the Department of Corrections
        Residents who claimed zero personal exemptions (Please note this would include individuals who filed income tax returns but were included as dependents on the 2004 income tax returns of other taxpayers)
        Nonresidents or part-year residents who filed a 511 NR tax return (Please note this would include joint filers even if one of the joint filers was a resident for the entire year)
        The estates of deceased taxpayer for which an estate tax return was filed
        Residents whose tax returns were postmarked after October 15, 2005 .
If you have any questions regarding eligibility please contact the Taxpayer Assistance Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission at (405) 521-3160.
All checks were issued in November and were payable through February 28, 2006 .
If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above to receive a payment and did not, please send us an email at rebate@treasurer.ok.gov or call (405) 522-3333. In your email message, please give us your name, a day and evening phone number and a description of your problem. Do NOT include personal information such as your social security number. 
What if I didnít cash my check?
Your check has been voided if it was not redeemed within 90 days, but you are still entitled to the money. The funds, along with the related payment information, have been forwarded to the State Treasurerís Unclaimed Property Division. To claim your funds, you will need to file a claim with the Division. To begin the process, please call (405) 522-3333.  
State warrants issued to replace rebate checks will not expire until 90 days after they were issued.
How much money was paid through the Oklahoma Taxpayer Relief program?
A total of $91.8 million was returned to Oklahoma taxpayers. This represents surplus revenue collected last fiscal year by the state.
        For taxpayers filing as an individual or married filing separately in 2004, the payments were $45.
        For taxpayers filing as a surviving spouse, head of household or married filing jointly in 2004, the payments were $90.
The amount on my check is $45, but I believe it should be $90. What should I do?
Please review the information in the previous question. If you believe the amount of your check is incorrect, please contact the Taxpayer Assistance Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission at (405) 521-3160.
We are a married couple, but only one name is listed on the check. What should we do?
If you believe the payees are incorrectly listed on your check, please contact the Taxpayer Assistance Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission at (405) 521-3160.  
Are the tax rebate payments taxable income?
Yes, by ruling of the Internal Revenue Service of the federal government, Oklahoma Taxpayer Relief payments are considered taxable income. The State of Oklahoma will not issue a Form 1099-G for the payment because it is not required.

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