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The WISE Tool is a Web-based system that guides a school team in charting its improvement and managing the continuous improvement process as shown the the graphic. Developed by Indistar®, the WISE Tool is premised on the firm belief that school improvement is best accomplished when directed by the people closest to the students. While the state provides a framework for the process, each school team applies its own ingenuity to achieve the results it desires for its students.

The tool includes Wise Ways research briefs to support its indicators of effective practice as well as Indicators in Action video modules demonstrating the practices, and the technology for capacity builders to coach the teams in real time.  In addition, it provides coaches with the capability to assist school- teams with coaching comments about the team’s ongoing work.

Key Indicators form the foundation of WISE.  These indicators of effective practice are concrete, behavioral expressions of professional practice that research demonstrates contribute to student learning. In addition they can be filtered  to align to  the USDE Turnaround Principles,  Oklahoma Nine Essential Elements, and 10 Components of a Title I Schoolwide plan as shown in the Turnaround Principles Crosswalk.

Assess/ Reassess Where are we now? Where do we want to go? 	What caused our designation?  	What are our strengths? 	What are our barriers? Plan and Design How will we get there?  Who is on our team?  For which Key Indicators should we plan? What tasks will we  need in our plan? Implement and MonitorHow will we know we are getting there?  What quarterly data will our team review? How will our team monitor our plan? Evaluate and Adapt How will we sustain focus and momentum? 	How will our team use data to modify strategies and tasks?  	How will we celebrate our progress?



WISE Planning Tool Oklahoma State Department of Education WISE Planning Tool Ways to Improve School Effectiveness

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Last updated on June 3, 2015