TLE Quantitative Components

Everything you need to know about the quantitative portion of the TLE including:


Other Academic Measures (OAM)

Other Academic Measures will comprise fifteen percent of the teacher/leader total evaluation score under the TLE system; are additional alternative instruments ensuring a robust evaluation and capture unique facets of effective teaching; reflect student academic performance impacted by the teacher; and are specific to teachers’ job assignments.


Value Added Measures (VAM)

“Value added” is a measure of a teacher’s contributions to students’ academic growth.  The value-added model is designed to isolate a teacher’s value added from other factors that might affect a student’s scores but that are outside the teacher’s control.  The Student Academic Growth (SAG) will comprise 35 percent of the total teacher/leader evaluation score.




Student Learning Objectives (SLO) and Student Outcome Objectives (SOO)

Student Learning Objectives/Student Outcome Objectives (SLO/SOO) are a set of goals that measure educators’ progress in achieving student growth targets.


Roster Verification

Roster Verification (RV) is a teacher/student linkage process that securely and effectively collects essential data for teacher-level measures of effectiveness to ensure reliability and accuracy in classroom-level growth reports.  School support teams and principals work together to ensure the most reliable data is captured and used to determine the impact of instructional practices on student progress.

Administrator RV Training Materials

Teacher RV Training Materials


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Last updated on March 27, 2015