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Targeted Intervention School Designation and Exit Criteria

Designation Criteria:

Receives a 'D' and has not already been designated as a Priority school.

Exit Criteria:

Receive an A, B, or C on the State's A-F School Grading System.

Definitions and exit criteria taken from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility waiver that was approved February 9, 2012.

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A site improvement plan must be developed and submitted to the Oklahoma State Department of Education that addresses the circumstances which caused the school to be designated as a Targeted Intervention school. 

To assist with developing the WISE Plan, the Office of School Turnaround has developed the following resources to be used:

For additional resources, please visit the WISE Webpage developed by the Office of School Turnaround.

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Turnaround Principles

The ESEA Flexibility Waiver states that Targeted Intervention Schools will be required to implement the Turnaround Principles (within 12 months of being designated). The Turnaround Principle - WISE Indicator Crosswalk shows how the 17 required WISE indicators align with the Turnaround Principles (not in C3S). By completing the WISE Plan, designated schools are also addressing the Turnaround Principles. Further review of the implementation of the Turnaround Principles will be completed semiannually by the assigned School Support Team Specialist. 

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Designation Forms

The ESEA Flexibility waiver states that Targeted Intervention schools will submit progress made toward implementation of the Turnaround Principles semi-annually to the State Department of Education. This data collection is facilitated through the WISE Tool. Additional information regarding Targeted Intervention schools will be collected through the WISE Tool under a tab labeled Complete Forms. Targeted Intervention schools will complete the form labeled Targeted Intervention Designation Form. 

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Data Review

The purpose of conducting Data Reviews is to analyze school benchmark assessment data at the student level in reading, mathematics, and other content areas and to analyze how performance relates to the state standards/Oklahoma Academic Standards. Other data to be reviewed may include student behavior and professional activities. 

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Data is the Key to Unlocking School Turnaround- Regional Conferences

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