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School Turnaround Oklahoma State Department of Education

Mission Statement

The Office of School Turnaround supports the mission of the Oklahoma State Department of Education by:

  • providing technical assistance and service to schools with an ESEA Flexibility Waiver designation,
  • establishing criteria for monitoring and supporting the School Improvement Grant (SIG) sites,
  • improving the quality of school choice and expanding school choice, and
  • collaborating with other agency departments to link and leverage so that we can maximize our services.

School Improvement Grant   ESEA Waiver Supports   

Data Review  Projects 515, 519, and 537   


School Turnaround Designations

Priority Schools   Targeted Intervention Schools   Focus Schools     



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School Turnaround & School Choice Team

  • Richard Caram, M.Ed. - Assistant State Superintendent, School Turnaround, School Choice
         Phone:  (405) 522-0855 
  • Janie Stewart - Division Support Coordinator
    (405) 522-5073                                                                                                                               
  • Iva Owens, MBA - Executive Director, Office of School Turnaround, School Improvement Grant (SIG)
         Phone:  (405) 522-3263
  • Beth Steele, M.Ed. - SIG Turnaround Director
         Phone: (405) 521-2809
  • Amanda Drew - School Turnaround/SIG Consultant
         Phone:  (405) 522-3713


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Last updated on December 8, 2014