OAM Worksheet Instructions

You will want to have a copy of the TLE OAM Brochure and a copy of the OAM Sample Worksheet.  (There are examples of OAM Sample Worksheets available as well.)

*OAM = Other Academic Measures

Step 1

Choose an academic area of focus. Examples are provided on page 4 of the TLE OAM Brochure. In my example, I chose “Passage-based writing skills” because it is a challenging skill and will be a focus for my students this year.


OAM Worksheet Step 1


Step 2

Describe your method of pre-assessment. One of the more beneficial practices of our department is to meet and determine a writing prompt and passage to administer and we would agree to proctor it on the same day. We also scored papers using the same writing rubric from the OSDE Assessment page, and would meet again to compare writing scores. We would specifically bring an example of our lowest and strongest scores to analyze together.


OAM Worksheet Step 2

Step 3

Select an OAM. You can choose a variety of other academic measures, but for my purposes, I’m choosing the OCCT Writing. It makes sense if my focus is passage-based writing skills and saves me time from developing another measurement or assessment method or researching approved methods with my district test coordinator. Additional options are available on page 6 of the TLE OAM brochure.


OAM Worksheet Step 3

Step 4

Create your goal or intentions for your chosen OAM. After reflecting on my students’ writing so far, my training, and resources, I feel confident in establishing the 80% goal and I’ll share it with my department and students.


Step 4

Step 5

I used the scale suggested in the TLE OAM brochure and will use this with my pre-assessment, too. It will be a decent guide for my instruction prior to the OCCT Writing assessment.

OAM Worksheet Step 5



Last updated on May 27, 2014