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Oklahoma’s Average ACT Composite Score Increase for Third Consecutive Year

State Superintendent Sandy Garrett and State Higher Education Chancellor Glen D. Johnson announced today the average ACT composite score in Oklahoma has risen from 20.5 to 20.7 – the state's third consecutive increase on the college entrance exam. Oklahoma's increase on the ACT outpaced the gains the nation made on the exam in 2007.

In 2006, the average ACT composite score in Oklahoma was 20.5; it was 20.4 in 2005. The nation's average composite score on the ACT was 21.2 for 2007.

Local High Schools’ ACT scores released

ACT, Inc. today released to the Oklahoma State Department of Education 2008 ACT scores for every high school in the state. The information (see attached) includes each high school's average composite score on the college-entrance exam as well as their subscores in English, reading, mathematics and science.

Average ACT score for Oklahoma, nation for 2009 unchanged from 2008; State Superintendent says more rigor, four years of core will improve college readiness

The average ACT college-entrance exam score for Oklahoma and the nation remained unchanged for 2009 from 2008. Although Oklahoma posted gains in math and science in 2009, its average composite score remains 20.7; the nation's average score is still 21.1. During the last five years, Oklahoma has improved its composite score by 0.3; the nation's has improved by 0.2. The ACT is graded on a scale from 0-36.

Oklahoma sets record in number of ACT test-takers; more students prepared for college than ever

State Superintendent Sandy Garrett said today more Oklahoma high school seniors are taking the ACT than ever in state history; among 2010 graduates, the ACT was taken by 28,343 students, which is 1,289 or 4.8 percent more than the year before. And, higher expectations of students – clear in the ACE high school course requirements effective with the Class of 2010 – are “making a difference in the number of students being prepared for, and expressing an interest in, a college education.”

Local high schools' average ACT scores presented to State Board of Education

The 2010 ACT college-entrance exam scores for each public Oklahoma high school were presented to the State Board of Education today during its regular monthly meeting. The scores, posted at, include both composite scores and subscores in the ACT-tested areas of English, reading (social sciences), mathematics and science.

Oklahoma ACT Results Demonstrate Need for Increased Rigor & Renewed Focus on Science & Math

While Oklahoma continues to have a high percentage of students taking the ACT, the state's average composite score has flatlined. And State Superintendent Janet Barresi on Wednesday said she is concerned that too many students are not prepared for college, particularly in the areas of science and math.

“We must redouble our efforts to make more students capable in math and science,” said Barresi, who took office in January as the first new State Superintendent in 20 years. “And we must ensure that students take a full and rigorous course load while in high school.”

Schools receive ACT results

High school principals soon will be presenting ACT scores for their schools along with college remediation rates to their local school boards.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi said this year’s scores show the continued need for all Oklahoma students to take four years of core subjects.

“The results are very clear that if you take four years in these core subjects, whether or not you plan to go on to college, it is the best training for your future career,” Barresi said.

State Supt. Janet Barresi Reads to First-Graders, Helps Distribute Backpacks Provided by Feed The Children

Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi reads to first-graders at Cesar Chavez Elementary School in the Oklahoma City School District and helps pass out backpacks filled with books, school supplies, food and personal care items provided by Feed The Children.

State Supt. Janet Barresi Eager to Put Disabled Student Teaching Grant Money to Work

Oklahoma is one of eight states to receive part of $7.7 million in grants each year for five years from the U.S. Department of Education for training systems to help students with disabilities. The state Department of Education will receive the nearly $1.2 million annual Special Education-State Personnel Development Grant to assist in reforming and improving systems for teacher training and professional development in early intervention and Common Core State Standards to enhance results for children with disabilities.

State Supt. Janet Barresi Joins Millwood Students for Walk to School Day

Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi joined students and staff at Millwood Public School’s for National Walk to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 5. Staff from the Oklahoma City County Health Department also took part in the walk.


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