Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month in February, and all of the triumphs of our many black heroes, we must commit to remain vigilant to build on their hard-won successes.

A-F Grading

The importance of an A-F School Grading System is in that it will provide greater transparency for our schools and will draw more parental and community involvement. It is evident that schools that have higher levels of parent and community involvement have better-performing educators and better-prepared students.

Game Changer for Oklahoma Schools

Oklahoma is one of the first states in the nation to gain flexibility from federal restrictions under No Child Left Behind (NCLB). This is great news, as it means schools will be able to more easily account for growth and progress within subgroups, rather than be penalized under the “one-size-fits-all” criteria of NCLB.

Digital Learning Day

Superintendent Janet Barresi celebrates the first ever Digital Learning Day by announcing new free online resources available to students and educators throughout the state.

Choice: It’s Good for Children.

Choice is good for children, whether it be public, charter, digital or non-public schools. Every parent should have the choice to select the school that best meets the needs of their child, regardless of address or income level.

The Difference a Year Makes

Superintendent Janet Barresi celebrates her first year in office by looking toward implementation of reforms via her C³ plan – a plan to continue work with all stakeholders to assure that each student in the state is college, career and citizen ready by the year 2020.


2011 was a particularly transformative year for education in Oklahoma – from the date that Janet Barresi took office as the first new State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 20 years to the sweeping suite of education reforms passed by the state Legislature.

Gifts That Last

Give gifts of reading, good nutrition, movement and time to the children in your life this Christmas season.

Evaluations that Matter

An effective teacher in every classroom and effective leaders in every school is the goal of the State Board of Education's newly adopted Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluation system.

Homework Time – Without the Headaches!

HOMEWORK…… these two singular words make up one of the MOST HATED compound word to a child. We all know the routine. The phone rings, the child answers, the parent asks, “Do you have any homework that you need to begin working on before I get home today?” You hear the heavy sigh of “Do I have to do it NOW?” This is replayed daily in homes across the nation.


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Last updated on December 31, 1969