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This search utility allows students to compare their Lexile measure with all of the books that have a Lexile measure—more than 115,000 fiction and nonfiction titles on various subjects and at all developmental levels. “Find a Book” is the quickest and easiest way to search the Lexile Book Database for titles at a student’s Lexile level.

Whether the student is reading for school or for pleasure, this book search utility will help you build custom reading lists on the subjects that interest the student the most. http://www.lexile.com/findabook/

The Lexile Framework® for Reading

The Oklahoma State Department of Education wants to provide opportunities for all students to become good readers. After all, reading is an essential skill and one that is highly predictive of a student’s future success in school and on the job. In Oklahoma, we want to encourage reading year-round.

Students are more likely to read if they are able to choose books that match their current reading level and their personal interests. A Lexile® measure may be used to indicate the reading difficulty of a book or other reading material. By using a Lexile measure, parents, teachers, and students can locate books and magazines suited to the student’s reading ability.

Lexile measures have been determined for thousands of books. The Lexile Framework® for Reading chart provides a sample of titles for various reading levels. These titles and more can be found in the Lexile Book Database on the Lexile Web site. The Web site also offers guidance for families and educators. “The Lexile Framework” explains more about the Lexile measure and offers suggestions on finding books and articles for your child.

Parents are encouraged to use this tool as a means to strengthen the home/school connection with the understanding that the Lexile measure does not reflect age-appropriateness, student interest, content, or the quality of the text. Reading material should always be previewed by parents or educators.

Oklahoma’s Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) in Language Arts focus on developing good readers at each grade level.


Conversion Tables

Reading (Lexiles)
Math (Quantiles)



  • Lexile Book Database: A collection of tens of thousands of English and Spanish fiction and non-fiction trade book titles, each with a Lexile measure. Once an educator or parent has a student’s Lexile measure, the free Lexile Book Database can be searched to find books that are similar to the student’s reading level. Searches can be specifically tailored to each student’s reading need to ensure a successful reading experience. - Outside Link

The Oklahoma Department of Education does not endorse or recommend reading material for its schools. Curriculum decisions are made at the district/local level in Oklahoma. Reading material for students should always be previewed by parents or educators.

Last updated on March 12, 2014