Data Correction and Certification Reports

Report Overview and Resources Upcoming Training District Completion Window Open Due Date
First Quarter Dropout Report   95% - details Dec. 1   closed Jan. 9  closed
Grades 3-8 Assessment Pre-Code Submission   95% Jan. 1   closed Feb. 6closed
Second Quarter Dropout Report   88% - details Jan. 1   closed Apr. 7closed
Historical Adjusted Graduation Cohort register 56% - details Feb. 3  closed May 28closed
TLE Roster Verification Import (Tech Leads) register <1% Mar. 3   closed Mar. 28closed
Battelle For Kids Roster Verification Tool (Teachers) register 55% - details Apr. 14closed June 20closed
A-F Advanced Coursework register 72% - details Apr. 1closed July 3closed
Third Quarter Dropout Report   80% - details Apr. 1closed July 7closed
RSA End-of-Year Report Submission   N/A May 1closed June 27closed
Annual Statistical Report (ASR)   100% - details May 1closed June 27closed
SMART Report (Supplemental Membership Annual Reporting Totals register 74% - details May 1closed June 27closed
Grades 3-8 & EOI Assessment Post-Code Correction register N/A June 4closed July 3closed
OAAP Testing Data Correction register N/A June 12closed July 14closed
Third Grade Final RSA Report   N/A July 31closed Aug. 29closed
A-F Report Card Review register N/A Aug. 29closed Sept. 12, closed
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*End-of Year (EOY) = The ASR and SMART Reports close within two weeks of the end of the school year


Timelines, Training Dates and District Status Overview

  • To be announced.


WAVE Progress and Error Charts



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Last updated on September 15, 2014