Data Correction and Certification Reports

Visit our new DATA CORRECTION AND CERTIFICATION DASHBOARD  to view district completion rates for each of the fall data correction and certification reports. After navigating to the dashboard, select the report from the list on the right hand side of the screen for which you would like to view the completion rate. Search for a specific district's completion rate for the selected report using the drop down list in the middle of the screen.

Report Overview and Resources Upcoming Training Window Open Due Date
Fourth Quarter Dropout Report   Openopen Oct. 15attention
Comprehensive Exit Report   Openopen Oct. 15attention
October 1 Consolidated Report Register Openopen Oct. 15attention
Accreditation Report   Openopen Oct. 15attention
Gifted and Talented Report   Openopen Oct. 15attention
First Quarter Statistical Report (FQSR)   Mid-Octoberattention Two weeks after 1st quarter ends
Historical Adjusted Graduation Cohort   Nov. 3 Dec. 19
Grades 3 - 8 Assessment Pre-Code Submission   TBD TBD
End of Instruction (EOI) Assessment Pre-Code Submission   TBD TBD


closed reporting closed open reporting open attention 2 weeks notice


Timelines, Training Dates and District Status Overview

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WAVE Progress and Error Charts



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Last updated on October 2, 2014