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Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) 

There are 2 types of assessments within the Oklahoma Student Testing Program (OSTP) for Grades 3-8 and "End-of-Instruction" (EOI) secondary level. All assessments are aligned to the state-mandated Core curriculum, the Oklahoma Academic Standards, which has been adopted by the State Board of Education. The two assessments are:

  • Portfolio Assessments: (Also referred to as: Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program, OAAP)
    These assessments measure achievement of alternate academic standards of the state curriculum for children with the most significant cognitive disabilities.



State Summary Reports

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Assessment Staff Contact Information, (405) 521-3341

Sonya Fitzgerald, Executive Director of State Testing

Craig Walker, Assistant Executive Director of State Testing

Amy Nicar, ELA & Social Studies Assessment Specialist

Angela Bilyeu, Mathematics Assessment Specialist

Tony Cortez, Science Assessment Specialist

Connie Holt, Division Support Coordinator

Molly Brown, Administrative Assistant III

Elise Kauffman, Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Logan, Executive Director of National & International Assessments






Last updated on April 10, 2015