21st Century Community Learning Centers

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This program supports the creation of 21st Century Community Learning Centers that provide academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours. Designed as a supplementary program to enhance state or local reform efforts, this program assists students in meeting academic standards in core subjects (math, reading, science, social studies) by providing out-of-school services to students and their families. The program:

  • Targets high-need, high-poverty, low-performing schools;
  • Implements highly effective research-based programs to address academic needs; and

  • Provides academic assistance along with enrichment opportunities to help students graduate college, career, and citizen ready.



Upcoming Dates (for current grantees only)

PPICS open for Annual Performance Report (APR) entry
Includes: Objectives, Centers, and Partners
Tuesday, April 1 (tentative)
All data collection surveys due
Director, Staff, Parent, Student Surveys
Friday, April 25
PPICS APR check webinars
Wednesday, May 7
Friday, May 9
Times: TBA
APR due
Friday, May 30

Upcoming National Conferences

Midwest Afterschool Science Academy, Project LIFTOFF
Kansas City, MO
April 9 - 11
Community Schools National Forum
Cincinnati, OH
April 9 - 11
Best in Out-of-School Time (BOOST)
Palm Springs, CA
April 29 - May 2
Cryptography & Mathematics Middle-Grade Afterschool Project: Summer Leader-Training Workshop
University of Illinois at Chicago
June 23 - 25
Steve Spangler Science: Science in the Rockies
Denver, Colorado
July 8 - 10
Summer Seminars, National Institute for Out-of-School Time (NIOST)
Brookline, MA
July 14 - 18
Vision 2020, Oklahoma State Department of Education
This does not count as a national conference, but it is good to keep in mind as you plan for summer professional development.
Oklahoma City, OK
July 15 - 17


Contact Information

Sonia Johnson, Director
Andrea Hohlier, Coordinator
Jasmine Vasilev, Coordinator

21st Century Community Learning Centers
Oklahoma State Department of Education
2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 414
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
405-522-6225 office 405-522-2269 fax

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Last updated on April 18, 2014