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Oklahoma SAC  Accurate, Complete, Timely

Contact Information

Office of Criminal Justice Statistics
6600 N. Harvey Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Fax: (405) 879-2301


SAC Director
Angie Baker, SAC Director
Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center


Program Staff  
John Flores-Hidones, Statistical Research Specialist   Jennifer Powell, Adminstrative Programs Officer
Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center   Oklahoma Violent Death Reporting System
(405) 858-5274   (405) 879-2531
john.flores-hidones@osbi.ok.gov   jennifer.powell@osbi.ok.gov
Pamela "Nikki" Lofftus, Statistical Research Specialist   Jessica Shouse, Statistical Research Specialist
Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center   Oklahoma Statistical Analysis Center
(405) 858-5272   (405) 858-5275
nikki.lofftus@osbi.ok.gov   jessica.shouse@osbi.ok.gov














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