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Uniform Crime Reporting
The OSBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program is part of a nationwide, cooperative statistical effort administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The UCR Program was conceived, developed and implemented to serve law enforcement as a tool for operational and administrative purposes.

The OSBI receives monthly crime and arrest reports from 304 sheriffs’ offices and police departments statewide. �Of the 304 reporting agencies, 162 report electronically using the State Incident Based Reporting System (SIBRS). �The remaining agencies report manually using the forms listed below. �These reports form the database from which the UCR is created. �

The OSBI's Field Services Unit works to ensure the integrity of the data reported both manually and electronically. �Eight representatives are assigned various regions throughout the state and provide training and technical support to reporting agencies. �Additionally, the field representatives compile the information submitted into a uniform format for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. ��A list of the representatives and their respective areas of service is listed below.





UCR NIBRS 4 & 5(Due to file size, this form may take longer to load)

Uniform Crime Reporting Field Rep Geographic Locations Map