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Preceptor Training

Please review the rules concerning the qualifications to be a Preceptor.  If you are qualified or perhaps will be meeting the time requirements in the near future and wish to be certified as a Preceptor, the best thing you can do is to CALL THE OFFICE at (405)522-1619 or send us an email and ask that we put your name on our list so we can notify you of the next training session we have scheduled.  There have been recent changes in our Rules, too, that affect Preceptors...  Non-Administrators-of-record, for example, can be preceptors in certain conditions and did you know that you get 3 CEUs for each AIT you complete (not more than 3 per year)?


Initial training consists of a full day (6 CEUs credit) of classroom discussions with an exercise in the afternoon to practice developing an internship plan of study using provided case study materials.  The fee for this training is $300.00. 

The Refresher training is a half day (3 CEUs credit) and is conducted with the initial trainees in the afternoon session.  The fee is $150.00.


You may REGISTER and PAY ONLINE through our Calendar link (above).  Please be sure you are "current" if you are registering for the "Refresher" course.  


Our next training session has been scheduled for January 9, 2013... It will be held in the Shepherd Mall Office Complex, Suite 62 (in our own conference room, finally).  Register through our CALENDAR (linked at the top of every page on our site.

We expect to hold additional classes on an "as needed" basis up to 4 times per year, tempering our feel for that need based on the "list" we maintain of persons interested (and persons requiring a refresher to stay currently certified). 

Last Modified on 10/16/2012