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(other than Administrator's University or AU)



We strongly recommend that you first make application with this Board...the exams  (see the calendar) are scheduled to follow training in most cases and if you're "behind" by not having started the application process, you could well miss an opportunity to take the exam.  We also suggest that you get a "study packet" at a minimum and if able, attend a State Standards Review session (see the calendar).  The BEST place to start - to get answers to the most common questions is here at our FAQs for RC and RC/AL Applicants.  PLEASE, do NOT take a course approved by NAB for CE and expect that to suffice for your "initial training."  Per OAC 490 (the Board's rules), all sources of certification after November 1, 2013 are required to be reviewed and approved by the Board.  NAB approves CE only - they do NOT approve initial qualification courses.  This approval in Oklahoma is under the purview of this Board.  Courses you find "here" ARE approved.  If it's not here and someone is telling you they have approval, you are warned to ASK us first (on the off-chance that our site has not recently been updated).  We are NOT obligated to accept training certification unless it was approved by this Board.




(for Nursing Home Administrator applicants)
Classes are generally held twice per year, typically starting in late January and early August...

A NAB Review (for NHA) is also generally held locally twice per year, in the February and July/August timeframes...(and you can register online through our calendar, above)
NAB Review (for (RC/AL) -
OKALA has been offering an "online" NAB Review Course - self-paced, about 11 hours in length - to help RC/AL Administrator applicants prepare for the NAB RC/AL exam. Feedback on the quality of that course has been positive... Our FLASHCARDS "may" also be good for RC/AL because a LOT of the terms are the same and NAB uses many of the same references...




Saint Joseph's College Online

Saint Joseph's College's online programs in long-term care administration (Bachelor of Science) and health administration (Master of Health Administration) have recently earned accreditation by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).  A significant achievement for any college earning the distinction, and this college is the only completely online program accredited by NAB.  Per OSBELTCA rules (OAC 490:10-1-3, (b)(4) and (5)), the requirement for AU can be waived by the Board if the candidate has a degree in long term care administration from and institution accredited by NAB.  The AIT program, however, would still be required (unless there is documentation of an equivalent internship documented and associated with the degree in long term care from an institution accredited by NAB)...and chances are, you would have coordinated that AIT program with our staff already.  
Contact David Svenson at (207)893-7723 or dsvenson@sjcme.edu or READ THIS for more information.



OSBELTCA offers training for Adult Day Care Administrators...

Note:  OSBELTCA is currently the sole approved source for Adult Day Care Administrator training
This will be periodically offered and will consist of a one day class which will culminate with a review and the State Standards Exam for licensure.
Those wishing to attend need to apply through our online portal...we schedule this when we have students (not just randomly).
The BEST place to start to getting answers to your questions is HERE at our FAQ link.  

This is a one day training session.  Start the application process.  Please see the "checklist link" above to learn more about how to apply and sign up for the class/exam.  If you have any questions, you can contact Ginger Dean at (405)522-1616 for assistance.


OSBELTCA Approved RC/AL Initial Certification Training Program

Oklahoma State University- Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC)
Monday-Friday, November 3-7, 2014
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

West Education Building Room 202
900 N. Portland Ave

Participants can earn the required 50-hour training certificate upon completion of this 35-hour training class and submission of a copy of (1) Medical Administration Technician (MAT) 15-hour certificate from an Oklahoma career technology center or higher education institution or (2) CMA or RN license. Classes are held at the West Education Center of the OSU-OKC Campus, 900 N. Portland Ave. Oklahoma City. The cost of the program is $750, which includes 35 hours of instruction, book of learning materials and State rules and regulations.

Please contact:  Chris Malcom at cmalcom@osuokc.edu or 405-945-3373.

OSBELTCA wishes to remind students/applicants of the "note" above...Start the application process!! Order a study packet!!
A "highly recommended" State Standards Review is held periodically to coincide with this training....A State Standards Exam is conducted a few days later. To sign up for the review and/or exam, see our calendar and pay in advance through the portal where you apply for your license...



RC and RC/AL State Standards Review and exams...
Register and pay through our "calendar" (linked at the top of every page on our website or through the portal when you apply...).

RC and RC/AL State Standards Exam Reviews - See our calendar!
RC and RC/AL State Standards Exams -
See our calendar!






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