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Most Administrators are aware that there is a requirement, as the designated "administrator-of-record" (AOR) to display the "Certificate of Licensure" in a conspicuous place in the facility...  (OAC 490:10-13-2(e).  That's probably not a surprise to anyone...we all talk about where our license is hanging and it's just "known" that your license must be hanging.


In the previous subsection (merely the page prior to where you will find the requirement)  that 
there is a similar requirement to display a copy of the CODE OF ETHICS?  (OAC490:10-13-1(d))

OSBELTCA's Code of Ethics was adopted from the American College of Health Care Administrators' Code of Ethics and to help you comply, we have placed here two options for you to print and frame in your facility...

One is a full length version (pdf) and the other an abbreviated, perhaps more aesthetically pleasing (your option) version (doc) (both open in a new window).

Suggest printing on a suitable paper/stock and framing alongside your license.  

Moreover, the importance of the Code of Ethics cannot be underestimated... YOUR ethics (and your attitude as a professional) will have a lot to say about whether you're a "good" administrator or an "excellent" one.  



Last Modified on 08/24/2012