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Click THIS LINK to enter the portal
Otherwise, please read the following FIRST...
and consider reading a "guide" we've provided to help you.

This is where administrators need to go (year 'round) to:
     - Update your personal data (home address, phone number)
          -- If your email address changes, contact us (Pam for NHAs and Certified Assistants and AU students; Ginger for all others) 
          -- Since your email address is your USERID, we will have to change that manually for you
               --- We recommend you use your "personal" (at home) email address rather than your "work" email address but use the one you READ regularly!!
         -- CLICK HERE for a "Tutorial" or "Guide" to explain to you "how" to change your address, place of employment, and to UPLOAD files (such as CE)
             --- Opens in a new window...
     - Update your place of employment to include where you are administrator of record
     - Upload copies of your CE certificates...optional but a good option and a good habit to develop!
     - Renew your license annually (usually between November 1 and December 31 each year...)

This is where new applicants (students) need to go to:
     - Apply for AU (NHA students)
     - Apply for licensure (all types)
          -- Nursing Home Administrators (Provisional, Temporary, Certified Assistance, by Endorsement...)
          -- Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrators
          -- Residential Care Administrators
          -- Adult Day Care Administrators

Highly suggest that all new applicants read about  Licensure Qualifications

New Applicants (only) will need to "Enroll" first (and follow the instructions received in the email to complete the process)
All others (already licensed or in AU or applied) will already have a USERID and PASSWORD and need not "enroll" again.

   -- IF YOU ARE ALREADY LICENSED (or have started an application in this system), and cannot recall your USERID or PASSWORD, call us!  Please, Don't re-enroll.

Also, please note - you cannot share an email account with another licensed person in this system.  Your email account is your unique USERID for your own personal licensure data.

BROWSER NOTE:  We have learned that it is best to use Internet Explorer (IE)or Safari as your browser when you are applying...Firefox, for example, has presented frustrations and is apparently not wholly compatible with this portal's processes.  If you are using Firefox and are encountering errors, you will probably want to switch to IE or Safari (or use one of those first) because we do not seem to have issues with these browsers.

Click THIS LINK to enter the portal now (should open in a new window...and you probably will want to add that page to your own favorites as this IS where you need to return annually to renew, update your address, etc.)




Last Modified on 09/30/2014