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Administrators University (AU)  
(Map of Shepherd Mall Office Complex)

The  FALL TERM will begin on Thursday, JULY 31st and a tentative syllabus is available. 
All classes in the Fall Term are projected to be held on a Thursday, 
either (PRIMARILY) in Shepherd Mall (Suite 62 - OSBELTCA Conference Room)
or in various locations in Tulsa or Oklahoma City....

(call Pam at (405)522-1619 to ask about signing up for the next Term...you will need to apply through our online portal...
...and now you can also pay the fees there as well, 
online, through the portal.

Our most current  syllabus is available here... (opens as a Word document) 
and includes reading assignments for the current term.

One of the toughest hurdles to becoming a Long Term Care Administrator is "passing the NAB."  There are a number of books available and to successfully pass this exam, you need to do outside reading above and beyond what you will get in the classroom.  After all, this is your profession, so you will want to know as much about it and be as well versed as the next administrator (even after you are licensed).  

Here's a list of books to look for that will help you in this regard:


Pratt, John R., (2004-2nd Edition) Long Term Care: Managing Across the Continuum Sudberry, MA Jones and Bartlett Publishers

NAB Study Guide-How To Prepare for the Nursing Home Administrators Examination (5th Edition) Washington, DC National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards, Inc. (highly recommended preparation tool...practice test questions)

Singh, Douglas, A., (2010) Effective Management of Long-Term Care Facilities Sudbury, MA Jones and Bartlett Publishers

* Townsend, Joseph H, Davis., Winborn E., Haacker, Robert W., (2009) The Principles of Health Care Administration Bossier City, LA Professional Printing & Publishing Inc.   IF YOU ATTEND THE NAB REVIEW SEMINAR (and we hope you will)... the author of this book will be presenting the seminar and references this book...or a more current version of it (updated frequently).

* Allen, James E., (2011-6th Edition) Nursing Home Administration New York, NY Springer Publishing Company, Inc. However, NAB has updated to the 6th edition and we are keeping pace...also has a companion "review guide" with practice test questions.  Textual changes are minor - the page numbering for the reading assignments are significantly different.

* between these two books, you're likely exposed to a full 50% of the possible NAB exam questions...They are the two most popular books.  Some people prefer the Townsend book (easier to read?) and others prefer the Allen book because it allegedly explains the "finance" aspects (which are toughest to grasp for a lot of people) better...but those are all personal views and you may disagree with them.  Reading one book or another is no guarantee of passing the NAB but you'd better read AT LEAST one or your chances of success are not as high...

The Long Term Care Survey (September 2009) Washington, DC American Health Care Association.

Acello, Barbara., (2006) The Long-Term Care Legal Desk Reference Marblehead, MA HCPro, Inc.


Gilster, Susan D., (2006) A Way of Life: Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Program Baltimore, MD Health Professions Press


These books are available on many commercial websites and in commercial bookstores, or you may also order them directly through the NAB website at this link (which opens in a new window).  The "real" list is on the NAB website and the NAB list is important because it is the source where ALL questions on the NAB's NHA Exam are referenced.  All questions DO come from the NAB list of books (which is a pretty good hint for those trying to pass that exam...).  Watch that list -- when it's updated, they've probably updated their question bank, too!

Additionally, note that with some of these books there are "study guides" available that compliment them...practice questions are a good way for you to prepare for the exam (after you've read the books) especially when they are questions about topics covered in this list of books...this is your new chosen PROFESSION so don't hesitate to invest in multiple books on the topic (even beyond this list...though it would be a GREAT starting point to help you prepare just to pass the NAB's NHA exam and ENTER the profession).  AND DON'T MISS THE FLASH CARDS we've set up for you to use in your studies...Follow the PRECEPTOR AND AIT HELP link on the left.

We have also added a NAB REVIEW (as indicated above) that will compliment your AU and AIT experience and better prepare you for the NAB's NHA Exam...  We plan to do these in the late July/early August and February time frames (twice a year - post AU).  Be watching for the next one to be "advertised" here (through our Calendar link, above) or call us and ask...cost will be $275 per person.  They are held in Shepherd Mall in the OSBELTCA Conference Room (Suite 62).  Follow the NAB Review link on the left or the Calendar above for more info...This is for the NHA exam (we are searching for help for the NAB's RC/AL exam and hope to offer a similar review for that exam in the future.  OKALA is currently offering something along these lines for RC/AL applicants.



Last Modified on 07/21/2014