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Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit 


Scott Lesher Administrator
Ruben Tornini Deputy Administrator
Lindsie Lundy Chief of Staff
Sheila Killingsworth Business Manager
Leah Hadley Director of Licensing
David Haggard Administrative Assistant
Christine Waters Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Younie Administrative Assistant
Lou Ann Estep Administrative Assistant



Roy John Martin General Counsel
Meredith Fazendin Administrative Programs Officer



Maggie Ice Chief Examiner
Karen Banks Senior Examiner
Vanessa Todd Senior Examiner
Mary Keel Senior Examiner
Freddie Britt Senior Examiner
Brad Custard Examiner
Drew S'Renco Examiner
Deshia Parks Examiner
Alicia Gregg Examiner
Steve Glasgow Examiner
Viola Peters Examiner
Richard Kellogg Examiner
Angela Gober Examiner
Sarah Reynolds Examiner
Megan Patterson   Examiner
Elisabeth Franklin Examiner
Patricia Winters Examiner